• Yes, school does matter.

    Yes, it does matter for many reasons. First, if you want a good job you have to go to school. You also, need money for food and water to survive. You will also not make not a lot of good friends to play with. For this reason school really matters.

  • Social life matters

    Of course we need education but school also provides something more that people like me need, a social life. I live out in the countryside and have practically no friends outside school and all those friends I have I've met in school. I say yes also because I think its good to work with other students. When I get a job I need to know how to work with other people and how to interact with co-workers. However, I'm undecided on whether homework is a good thing or not...

  • Really? Who would disagree?

    Education is very important, however I disagree with the topic of Homework. Considering people need education in order to live better lives. We need a future of Scientists and Engineers, not fast food workers and slaves. Education makes a better future for everyone and that should stay in mind. It is also why I think that Education should be free.

  • Worried about being stressed?

    If your strongest reason for why you think school doesn't matter is because it stresses you out, then WELCOME TO REALITY. Life is essentially a series of stressful situations punctuated with a few moments of pleasant escapism. Life is stressful and if school prepares you for that then all the better for it.

  • School itself is only a means

    I definitely agree that education is important, very very very important, like really important, (education is important) but school? Not really. School is only a means towards education, and while the most common it is not the most effective in all circumstances. Especially for young children, having a tutor or a parent teach personally is a good alternative, and independent education is actually quite effective, especially for adolescents and young adults. So school itself is not really important, but education is.

  • Do we need school?

    School is worthless and has no real meaning. School starts you having stress at a young age.
    So why do we need to start the stress when we have life to worry about. Homework also makes you worry more then it should and test " on no I got a F, what's my mom going to think" and along those lines.

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