• The skills we leant in school can be useful in work.

    Above memorising facts, mathematical formula, or sitting through lectures, schools teach us certain values, such as determination, which adds on to our character. It is through tonnes of practice and hard work that we managed to achieve that degree. Having a degree not only tells others that u are familiar with this particular subject, but it also shows that you are someone who is responsible and determined, who can be trusted with the job.

    Schools challenge our thoughts and train us to be critical thinkers. In school, we learn to articulate our ideas. Besides, nowadays schools place emphasis on soft skills, and provide ample opportunities for students develop their character.

  • sure it is.

    As university life, this is the last happiest time before you graduate. You could got the financial support by any way. You can do what you want without the responsibility. But also is a preparation for the future. You might make a lot of good friends from everywhere. Different personality let you know how to deal with the problem about interpersonal. Learn how to give a presentation in front of people, to know the interest and do the best in everything, try everything fresh. So, school is a good environment to find out our interests and fix our dream and make every step more determined.

  • Yes, it does.

    Yes, I believe that school really does prepare students for life after school, which is usually work. Being in the working environment requires familiarity with certain subjects and, of course, working in teams and being around people. School prepares people for this from group projects, exams and participating in extracurricular activities.

  • School does prepare you for work.

    School is very important to teaching you skills. Especially English and Math. If you decide to get into the business world, you can take computers and typewriting. They even offer classes for home economics, or child development. You need math in nearly every occupation out there. If you take the right courses, you can be well prepared when you graduate.

  • No, it only gives useless trivia

    If I am gonna be a phone app creator and release apps about Creepypastas, I don't need to learn about Rome, Harriet Tubman, Music, Rocks, I only need to be thought about Creepypastas and drawing the map, So school doesn't prepare you for work, It only gives you useless trivia

  • No, it doesn't

    School isn't good preparation for going into the real world and obtaining a career. Yes, you learn some basic skills, but that's about it. School doesn't teach any of the life skills that are needed or social skills, either. School is very different from work, from the expectations to the environment.

  • No it doesn't.

    All it does is teach basic skills, the ideology of 'be like everyone else or die' and about time management and deadlines, and that's just about it.

    School doesn't teach you anything like how to balance a checkbook, or how to pay a mortgage, or how to buy a house. It doesn't teach you about different workplaces or skills you can apply to them, and it doesn't teach you other important things like self-esteem and confidence.

    It doesn't prepare you for work, or if it does, not enough.

  • It depends on the kind of work.

    Whether or not school prepares a student for work depends a lot on the type of work they end up doing. It prepares a student pretty well for, say, a job in academia. However, education on a lot of other things involved in many kinds of work environments is lacking.

  • School does not prepare you for work.

    I do not think school prepares you for work. Any skills I use during work I know from hands on experience. The knowledge I have learned throughout school has for the most part been useless and I do not use it during my job at all. Other things prepare you, not school.

  • It's out dated

    Traditional school structure does not prepare students for:

    Technical proficiency: this is a must in so many job roles today. Any job in a start up requires technical proficiency, retailers are all moving online, marketing and sales require you to use CRM, SEO, and other tools, writers get jobs much more easily if they know how to code, etc.

    Self discipline/motivation: Many jobs are continuous efforts and aren't quite so deadline-based as they once were. Many people are becoming entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, or online aficionados. Having strict schedules and deadlines, with guidance throughout, does not help students gain a required discipline and work-ethic needed to succeed.

    Life skills: as many above has pointed out- school does not teach you how to do your taxes, sign up for a checking account, invest money into 401k, bonds etc. It does not teach you about healthcare insurance plans, child rearing, having healthy relationships or remaining self-assured and confident. It doesn't teach you how to budget, eat healthy, communicate emotions effectively or sustainable exercises.

    These are only a few among the many arguments about why schooling- implemented in the 2nd industrial revolution- needs to change.

  • Nope! It dosent

    Im an 18 year old and i have had to come to a seperate college just to get a stronger educatio as my school waterhead acedemy didnt teach me nothing! They dont have manners and how do you expect to learn in a enviroment that isnt looked after there are pupils running around that school swearing shouting and screaming like there at a play ground and none of the members of staff was there to diffuse the situation..

  • No it doesn't

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