Does school really prepare students for adult life?

  • School does prepare you for the future.

    School prepares you for the future because it teaches you how to become an everyday worker. Think of it this way, your boss doesn't want you slacking and not doing your work in a everyday environment. Well thats what school is an everyday environment where you complete assignments and whether you do them is up to you or not. However in a common work place if you don't do your work you end up fired, or in an almost same way you fail the class. Which if you think about it is almost like failing your job.

  • School Helps Prepare you.

    No, you probably won't use calculus later in your life, but school teaches you more than just subjects. School helps you learn relationship skills, teaches you how to respect authority, helps you create relationship, learn basic skills like reading, writing, and basic math. School teaches you history which is important because if you ignore history, it will repeat itself.

  • Dont complain, guys

    The very fact you guys are ranting about school like a bunch of preschoolers is proof enough the schools don't teach you enough. Ranting about a system that's been in place for nearly 150 years won't change it, so deal with it. BTW, you've dealt with it your whole lives

  • School CAN prepare you for adult life, but there is no guarantee; you must take school, like life, into your own hands.

    One point brought up by anti-schooling proponents is the lack of direct correlation between school and "reality," i.e. life without a teacher directing what is mandated. A common thread here seems to say school neglects financial knowledge; that can be rectified. The true problem with schools is often how they're taught. STEM courses can be incredibly creative classes, but they're often taught as memorize-able classes where discovery is unimportant. The point of schools is to help you help yourself. While poor teachers and classes can hinder learning, one of the most important things I've learned from school is how to take things for myself. If a teacher is bad, I teach myself. It's not about money; I can make money. Before someone points out that the dropouts ran our computer renaissance, I would point out that schools should help us help ourselves, including when to drop the regimen of standard paths and start on our own. (I have a hard time acknowledging an argument that says schools are useless when the authors could't even compel themselves to spell check and add superfluous capital letters. We have English classes to learn about the art of Rhetoric and persuasion; you're a lot more credible if you sound well-educated and intelligent. For the middle schoolers here, give high school a chance. If the curriculum doesn't work for you, take matters into your own hands.) life isn't about waiting for someone to teach you.)

  • It helps you prepare but in a different way

    Schooling has helped you to receive an education. The education to treat people with virtuous qualities like care, respect, honesty, responsibility, etc. Being in an environment with other peers has taught you the basics of adult life. Unfortunately, school doesn't teach you how to pay your bills, get a job, or raise children but the education you receive in school helps your brain to function and understand the basics of the adult life.

  • Way Too Basic

    School is too basic of a curriculum having to involve core classes that are required by the government. Outside of the core classes, which already take up the main chunk of a student's day, the average student is likely to not have classes that involve real-world problems and solutions to the problems. Schools should aim to be more diverse in content and specify in more job-related fields and opportunities.

  • I learned some of the good communications rules I needed for my job

    I do believe that when we are or where at school people do not learn absolutely everything they need to know right there and then but we are taught a lot of useful information and skills so yes school does partially prepare young people for adult life. Truth be told we learn from what we do when we are transitioning into adult life weather that's learning through college, university, work or relationships and much more. Although we start learning from very young we are still learning even when we get very old. We learn from doing different things and making different choices throughout our life's. I have learned some of my most recent communication skills through working as a Learning Facilitator. I didn't go to University or College to get my job or get qualified for a job I just used skills I have learned naturally and built up my skills through doing mini courses through work and learning and building up my job role.

  • Yes it does

    School life is easy for the so called rich children and ofcourse the CCP's (cute cool and popular) students and difficult for those who may not be very popular, rich and for those who are bullied. But thinking a little deeper you will realise that school is just a little mock drill designed on the basis of the "real world". In a school you meet almost every type of person, from an inferior student to a superior student, you find good friends and good enemies and also face a lot of challenges. A school does not only trains you on pen paper tests but also on what life really and what kind of people will you have to deal in near future.

  • School does prepare you for the future.

    School prepares you for the future because it teaches you how to become an everyday worker. Think of it this way, your boss doesn't want you slacking and not doing your work in a everyday environment. Well thats what school is an everyday environment where you complete assignments and whether you do them is up to you or not. However in a common work place if you don't do your work you end up fired, or in an almost same way you fail the class. Which if you think about it is almost like failing your job.

  • If you disagree, then you are most likely immature

    "I have no idea how to do tax returns" arguments like this do not explain why school does not prepare students for adult life. It is your responsibility to learn how to do tax return yourself and there is a great amount of resources on the internet. And you are a lazy person yourself for not looking up how to do tax returns. I do agree that many classes in school are very pointless. However, they do prepare you to be responsible (from turning in assignment on time) which applies to your real job in the future. I do agree that some teachers are not good at teaching, but that will help you to deal with people like that in your life. I am a senior in high school and I do not like to attend school everyday myself because I would rather be in the real world making money. However, I know attending school everyday has helped me to develop the needed traits that I have today to become successful.

  • I'm 26 and NONE of these ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY classes were even offered in high school, college, or graduate school:

    -Writing Effective Resumes and Online Profiles
    -Job Applications and Automated Applicant Tracking Systems
    -Social Media Participation
    -Proper Manners, Demeanor, and Dress
    -Proper Behavior in Business and Public
    -Grooming and Appearance
    -Creating and Following Schedules
    -Conducting Winning Interviews
    -Negotiating in the Business World
    -Writing Brief E-mails
    -Writing Executive Summaries
    -Writing Professional Reports
    -Planning and Hosting Small Meetings
    -Voting and the Election Process
    -Civic and Community Life
    -Volunteering in Your Community
    -Using the Library and Library Services
    -Writing College Applications
    -Writing Scholarship and Fellowship Applications
    -What to Know Before Signing for a College Loan
    -How to Know What You Owe for College
    -Navigating Higher Education
    -Fulfilling College Graduation Requirements
    -How to Find an Internship
    -Making the Best of Your Internship
    -Certifications for Your Career
    -International Travel Planning and Safety
    -Domestic Travel Planning and Safety
    -Driver's Education
    -How to Buy or Lease a Car
    -DMV Requirements and Vehicle Registration
    -Vehicle Insurance
    -How to Make and Follow a Personal Budget
    -Online Banking
    -Online Investing
    -Frugal Shopping Methods and Skills
    -Person to Person Transaction Safety (Craigslist)
    -Means of Credit
    -Renting vs. Buying a Home
    -How to Buy a Home
    -Mortgages and Home Equity
    -How to Find a Rental Home
    -What You Need to Know Before Signing a Lease
    -Budgeting for Home Costs and Property Taxes
    -Homeowners' and Renters' Insurance
    -Home Safety and Health
    -Fire Safety
    -Water Safety
    -Backpacking and Camping Safety
    -Agriculture, Food Production, and Food Distribution
    -How to Grow Food
    -Basic Maintenance for Lawns and Gardens
    -Basic Maintenance for Buildings
    -Basic Maintenance for Vehicles
    -Basic Maintenance for Home Appliances
    -Cleaning Methods for Surfaces and Products
    -Home Organizational Methods
    -Using Technology (Sharepoint) for Efficient Homekeeping
    -Clothing and Linen Repair
    -Reusing, Repurposing, and Upcycling
    -Balanced Diets
    -Food Preparation for Singles
    -Food Preparation for Infants and Toddlers
    -Food Preparation for Families
    -Food Preparation for Events/Holidays
    -Retirement Income Planning
    -Filing Income Taxes
    -Resources for Those with Low Income
    -Navigating the Divorce Process
    -Navigating Courts and the Justice System
    -Interacting with Police or Security Officers
    -What to Do If You've Been Called for Jury Duty
    -What to Do if You've Been Evicted
    -What to Do if You Become Homeless
    -What to Do if You've Been Assaulted
    -Navigating the Healthcare System
    -Preventing Illness and Chronic Disease
    -Adopting and Caring for Pets
    -Maintaining Healthy Relationships
    -What to Do If You or Someone You Know Is Being Abused
    -Resources for Battered Children and Parents
    -How to Prepare for Pregnancy
    -Safe Sex
    -The Birthing Process
    -Resources for Children with Low Income Parents
    -Infant Care
    -Care for the Developmentally Challenged
    -Toddler Care
    -Child Care
    -Teen Care
    -Young Adult Care
    -Elderly Parent Care
    -End of Life / Terminally Ill Care
    -Cardiovascular Fitness and Health
    -Mind and Body Wellness
    -Caring for Someone With A Mental Health Disorder
    -Caring for Someone With A History of Convictions
    -Caring for Someone With Addiction
    -Caring for Someone Who Has Been Abused
    -Caring for Someone Who Has Returned from Active Service
    -Dealing with Difficult Roommates
    -How to Have a Crucial Conversation
    -Foster Parenting and Adoption
    -Wedding Planning
    -Funeral Planning
    -Reunion Planning

  • No, schools are a joke and need to be fixed.

    Not only schools, but I think the whole (UK) National Curriculum needs an overhaul. I'm telling you now, no-one is ever going to use a recorder or piano to make a living off, so music is useless. Art isn't needed either, as it's very unlikely that anyone is going to be an artist. And don't give me that stuff about "teaching creativity", because creativity is only helpful if you are designing a product, and that is usually based off market research anyway. As for English, we should be learning about writing resumes and formal letters to job interviewers instead of looking at poetry. IT is a big problem too, as none of the things they teach us are going to be relevant when we're adults. I was just told that the my school was finally upgrading to the "new" Microsoft Office 2010. Is anyone still going to be using 2010 in 20 years? I doubt it.

  • No definitely not

    School does not give you the skills necessary to live and understand life. School gives you the skills needed to be in a job. A mindless , repetitive job that will doubtfully give you enough free time to pursue your passions or explore hobbies. School teaches you to not go for dreams , abandon them and instead become a member of the working class. School teaches you that if you work hard enough you will get a 'good' job and earn lots of money to be successful yet the idea of success is entirely what a person makes wants it to be. School tells you money=good but to get lots of money you have to work long hours and sacrifice your life...For paper. I cant stress enough how angry I get at society for thinking its normal and good to force their kids into a place they despise. Especially if they have actual reasons to not want to go in. I am forced to go to school even though it makes me worse. There are times when I literally learn nothing new and all I have are words shoved down my throat at assembly. Words like 'you choose to come to school' and that the new door locking systems are for 'our' safety yet all they do is make us come in earlier and don't actually prevent break ins. A sensible person would think the guards , barbed fence , patrol staff , endless CCTV and would be enough , if not , too much. School causes stress to absurd amounts and is only getting more difficult. School is horrible for me as all it seems to do is educate you enough to get a job and join the rat race. They hide information away from us as well and overall condition us to think our lack of free speech , overwhelming work and constant spying on is ok and not wrong whatsoever. When I get older I want to pursue my dreams , live happily and see the world for what it really is. School , doesn't do that.

  • It doesn't help you with your financial needs

    All my life i've seen how my family tell me that school is the best way to prosper and get money, but seing them i can notice how wrong they are. School just show a way of living, it doesn't mean it's the only one. There are more plenty ways to get money besides school and college education, school is just "the most secure" way to get it, you just need to finish college and hope there is someone to hire you after it. Many peope choose their career basing in economic profits they will get from it. On my part i think that money shouldn't be even a factor in that kind of decisions. One can have a job and career far apart from their economic livelihood, for example in the case of the investments, one can have an active profit coming from their investments instead of waiting for a paycheck every month, in that way you don't even have to "be" there to get money because the money works for you and you don't work from the money. And besides that you'd be full of time to do what you really want, in this case your career.

  • Absolutely not at all.

    Schools do not teach you life skills enough. They don't teach you how to be self sufficient, how to manage banking, do yaxes, or maintain a household. You waste countless hours learning how rocks are formed or geometry, but only a few professions use those skills. If you don't go into those professions you've just wasted your entire time and I know for sure I'm not becoming a geologist. Knowing those useless facts will not make you a btter parent. It will not teach you how to support a family, which are skills that most people need but are never taught. I'd love to be able to learn how business works and understand economy by going to school but these are things I just ask around or look up on the internet when it should br the opposite.

  • School does not help

    If school really did help get jobs and money, then my sister wouldnt be stuck at home. She got good grades in school yet none helped her move out and get enough money. Also i dont see a lot of schools teaching how to use money wisely. I had to learn myself.

  • School is stupid

    I attend a Catholic School High School (which is WAY worse than regular school because you are FORCED to believe in a structured religion and have no other way of letting yourself believe In whatever you actually believe in or how you believe in things) and it is HORRIBLE! School should be a place that teaches you about life and the REAL WORLD! Why are so many people unemployed and homeless? Hmmm... Well the citizens of America been forced to learn the same BS for how many years now? Answer that and then argue that school is REALLY useful! :-/

  • No it does not

    I am a seventh grade student right now and let me just tell you that school does NOT prepare us for adult life. Honestly they should be teaching us how to balance a checkbook, pay taxes, pay the bills and all that other stuff. And what doesn't help with all of this is common core. They just made everything worse. Teaching us stuff that is really hard and that we ARE NEVER GOING TO USE IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!!!! I used to be a straight A student but thanks to common core I dropped. This is probably really bad but I want to drop out right now. But right I have to go to hel- I mean SCHOOL:(

  • School does not prepare you to the level that it should.

    Sure, we learn how to problem solve, and endure tough work loads. But as a freshman in high school, it's incredibly frustrating listening to things I'll never use again. For example, in math class, we have to solve "real world problems." These problems mostly include that "Billy is on a roller coaster and wants to calculate the slope of it." These are problems that are highly unlikely to be used in the real world. I want to know how to balance a checkbook, pay taxes, use insurance, take care of kids and a family, how to buy a house or a car, not how to graph quadratic formulas or figure out the slope of a line. Why can't we learn to problem solve and deal with a heavy work load while learning about the real world? I wish there were specialized classes you could choose. You want to be an artist? Here's a math class on math in art. You want to be a construction worker? Here's the math that you're going to need. It would take a lot of work and effort, but it would be so much better than what we have now, as students.

  • I'm a teenage guy who absolutely hating my dumb teachers.

    Ok so in all reality what is so bad about listening to music in school. Most of the fundamentals of my life revolve around the music I listen to and I don't see the harm in me listening to good music. In all honesty schools should support music as it is one of the biggest industries out there in the market.(keep in mind i said one of )

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