• Yeah, a lot of useless things.

    The average person will never use 90% of the things they're taught in high school classes. The educational system really needs to rethink the kind of classes it makes mandatory. Far too many classes are completely inapplicable to life in the real world. Alternative education, like tech ed, is usually worth it.

  • School does teach useless things!

    I think that middle and high school teach useless things that we aren't going to use in real life! Why we need to learn about the square roots and physics? How do we use it? Nothing! School should really teach us real life stuff because their parents don't know real life stuff from school!

  • Not Our Interest

    Why should we have to learn certain things that have absolutely nothing to do with the career we want in life? For instance, if we are a theater major in college, why should we be required to learn chemistry, statistics, or U.S. history? We should be able to focus on the type of job we want. Besides, why would they want us to be basically relearning stuff we already did in high school?

  • It 100% is usless

    Look school is teaching us History,Science. Who the fuck is gonna need fucken History nobody wants to hear about fucken history I fucken swear. School is just usless as fuck. They even show us math and math is usless sometimes because we got Calculators. Fuck school make school useful not useless.

  • The story of Bobby....

    Bobby attends his freshman year in high school
    He takes all the "mandatory classes and got descent grades"
    When Bobby grows up, he waits for the moment that he can recite the periodic table of elements as a music composer.
    He shortly realizes that the periodic table of elements was useless for his music career.
    He soon forgets about it and lives a happy life.

    The End
    P.S. Lots of grow ups forget what they learned in school anyway and are still successful.

  • The story of Bobby.....

    Bobby is attending his first year at a random high school.
    He goes through a lot of "mandatory" classes.
    When bobby grows up he waits until he gets the chance to list all the periodic table of elements as a composer.
    He soon realizes that he never needed to know the periodic table of elements in his life and never recited it again.

  • 100% Useless Things are Used

    First of all, we have the internet if we don't know something, or in the future there probably would have a robot to help people on things people REALLY need. People should relax, and take a day of of USELESS things. Like when are you ever going to use social studies in your life?

  • Perfectly Fine Education

    I am now graduating my high school in 6 months and everything that I have learned has helped me get on to the next stage in classes. If someone were to pick classes based off of what their career will be. Not one class should be useless to them, but it's understandable that the road worker or minimal wage worker doesn't like math and disagrees. I am sure there are people who work those jobs that loved math but failed in English or one of the 4 year credited classes for high school. Highschool has taught me the beginnings of how to read music and allows me to now play piece's by Chopin on the piano because I kept at the instrument for years. Each year of math that I had gone over has helped me get to the point of being able to pass my physics class. The history classes that many people do agree against in it not being useful has helped me in my passion of World War Two. As well as the two foreign language classes that will help me communicate with the world.

    Some classes in school can be considered useless by certain people while others would disagree. Arts classes fall victim to this often because of the people who just don't want to contribute to it commonly doesn't care for the budget or happiness it provides. Challenge me if you want on that but have you seen a guy wearing long socks and Jordan's, with Beat's head phones around their neck care about how to draw a photo-realistic sketch.

  • They're applicable concepts

    The knowledge used in physics isn't necessarily pertained to physics alone, but rather applicable life concepts on how to test things you are curious about and wondering why your friend broke his leg when falling from the tree; when you fell thousands of times without a broken bone.

    The logic of math and science are good for observations, you may not know it, but in the long run this knowledge of square roots and physical sciences will apply to everyday thinking when it's not even related.

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