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  • No, Seattle does not have enough places for its homeless residents.

    No, Seattle does not have enough places for its homeless population. Although the city has sanctioned tent cities, the available spaces in them are far fewer than the number of the homeless in the city. The rents and home prices are very high, making it difficult for many people to afford their homes and making it likelier that they will join the ranks of the homeless.

  • A lack of housing causes more people to suffer from homelessness.

    Due to the population of Seattle, and an influx of new citizens, the poorer populous of Seattle is being displaced. Most people living under the poverty line cannot find adequate housing, and there aren't enough homeless shelters where people can go to receive assistance. All in all, there is no easy solution for this issue. More shelters should be built, but there are few places left for them to go.

  • No, they need more housing for homeless.

    Seattle does not have enough places for homeless. Seattle like any major city where the rent is high, and there are many unemployed or underemployed people. Seattle not only needs more homeless shelters but they need more affordable housing so that people who do have jobs but do not have high income have somewhere to live.

  • Sadly I don't think any city does

    Seattle isn't alone in not being able to help it's homeless. There are many cities in the United States that seem to fall short of coming up with places for the homeless to go. We can all turned a blind eye to what is happening but the sad thing is it can happen to any of us.

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