• Of course it Does

    The simple fact that a child is able to beat their mother in the household in itself is wrong. Women and non muslims are considered inferior to regular citizens (muslim men). They cant speak for themselves and the man of the household can do quite literally whatever he wants to his family.

  • Sharia is Oppression

    1. Use your freedom of speech to disagree with Islam and you can be killed.
    2. Use your freedom of Religion to give up on Islam and you can be killed.
    3. Be a non Muslim or a woman under Sharia Law and you lose your right to be considered equal with all other citizens.
    4. There are different stricter laws for non Muslims than for Muslims and this goes against human rights of having one law for all people.

  • Yes, Sharia Law does contradict human rights.

    According to Sharia law, muslims has no other choice than being a Muslim, because Sharia law mandates that every child born to a Muslim parent is a Muslim. A child must follow Islam if one of his/her parents is a Muslim or converts to Islam, because, according to Sharia Law, Islam is, with its obligations and very extreme views, the "superior" religion over all other religions. Sharia laws are an enemy to human rights.

  • Just see Islamic Country with their Sharia law but Muslim with their taqiyya will say"Its is their leader fault not the law"

    A country must treat its citizen equal , but Koran seperate Muslim and non Muslim . Even Islam founder(Mohhamed) allow practice slavery , colonialism , and rob his defeted enemy(treasure and women) , which contradict Human right . Its absurd if non muslim believe muslim taqiyya (allowed to lie against enemy of Islam aka non Muslim or achieve their goal to implement Sharia law to every country)

  • Yes, Sharia Law Contradicts Human Rights

    Sharia Law, that is the law system espoused and based upon Islamic beliefs, contradicts aspects of human rights. This is in no way more glaring than its restriction upon people from leaving Islam. While people should be free to practice their religion however they wish and agree to be governed as they desire in such matters, denial of one's ability to leave is an affront to human rights.

  • Yes, Sharia Law does contradict human rights.

    One of the central concepts of Sharia Law, as practiced by Muslim extremists, is that women are to be treated as second class citizens. This violates so many aspects of human rights as declared by the United Nations in 1948 that there isn't sufficient space here to list them all. Women aren't allowed to do much of anything other than wear a veil and do what their husbands tell them to do, and the punishments for violating these rules are incredibly severe.

  • No, Sharia Law doesn't contradict human rights.

    Human rights is a malleable, arbitrary concept. Most people would agree that the U.S. government has respect for human rights, but I bet that if you went through the list of human rights as declared by the UN in 1948 the U.S. would fail in many regards. Similarly, countries that practice Sharia Law have a different approach to human rights, but I'm sure they have their reasons.

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