Does "sin" exist: Can sin be found in the real world?

  • Sin Absolutely Exists Today

    Sin can be found in the real world at every turn. For instance, individuals are unfaithful to their significant others all the time. People commit crimes and make other human beings their victims every moment of the day. Sin might be a religious institution, but sin does occur around the world and with great frequency.

  • Sin is a term with origins in the Judeo-Christian religious vernacular and does not actually exist.

    Sin is a biblical term used by Judeo-Christian religions to describe acts that offend God. It is strictly a term that refers to an act. It is not the act itself. While the Judeo-Christian basis for sin has played a large role in determining societal values, whether or not one can actually commit a sin is subjective to the religious practices of people. Sin, therefore, is a not a universal secular concept.

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