• Deprivation And crime

    Social deprivation means that some one is deprived from some thing which rest of the people in society are having. Social deprivation in reality is a vast thing. The word social deprivation refers to 100 of things from which one can be deprived off i.E poverty,lack of love of family ,lack of basic necessities .And eventually these deprivations causes frustation in the minds of victim and so they commit crime.

  • Many Things cause crimes, and one thing that can start these crimes is social deprivation!

    We all have our opinions and reasoning, but one of the first Problems that is creeping up on society is social deprivation. Social deprivation is a suffrage of minimally, adequate opportunities for interpersonal interaction because of stereotypes and individual clouded perception, which also causes loneliness and opportunities of valuable human life. This is really not really new in our society we just never witnessed it

  • Would you consider STEALING legal?

    Some say it is the matter of sense of individual's responsibility. Yes, but remember even how knowledgeable a person is in the events around him or in the society it is still not enough if they are under the line of poverty. If the person is deprived in education, how can he expect to have a good employment? If he has a family, how can he provide their basic necessities? What if they are also deprived in terms of quality health services and they need to seek treatment? Are they going to watch their family member to death or do something or say steal to provide the medicine needed. LET US THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

  • Yes Social Deprivation Does Cause cause crime

    Education is an important role when it comes to crime. We are not born knowing what is right and wrong, what is illegal and legal. We learn through education what is morally and ethically right in our society's. If we are educated we get a sense of right behavior. We learn how to behave via our schooling and the people and role models around us as children.

  • Yeah it does

    Major crimes are caused due to social deprivation as a hungry belly can force a human to do anything. Serious crimes like murder are primarily a result of social deprivation but this trend is gradually declining. However petty crimes are always a result of social deprivation and low socioeconomic status.

  • Not all but the majority.

    If you look into this with pure logic, the less money you have, the harder it is to survive, the more chance there is that you will commit crime to try to survive. Put it this way you have a dilemma you have a 4 year old son who is hungry yet you have no food and no money. What do you do? Leave him hungry or steal the food to make sure he is not hungry. Its all down to logic

  • Yes it cause crimes

    Yes social deprivation means deprived of basic rights if a person is deprived of basic rights this will lead to crimes such as steeling .Then because of lack of education people don't know the consequences they will face after committing a crime e.G they donot know that after a murder they may hung to death

  • Social Deprivation does Cause Crime

    Crime is not genetic, it is not inherent in certain individuals. Crime is caused by the lack of opportunity, a deprivation of chance. Folks who are raised in poverty are much more susceptible to crime and trouble. Consider that the poor demographic is responsible for the vast majority of crime.

  • Unfortunately

    It is only logical that many crimes are caused by desperation and need. hungry people will steal food, poor people will steal to make their life better. Statistically, most crime is committed by undereducated poor people without teh means to support themselves to the degree they desire. People who are deprived of human decency, the chance to succeed, and dignity, may succumb to teh easy way out, crime.

  • Social Deprivation is Harmful to Development, But Doesn't Explain All Criminal Behavior

    Social deprivation isn't kind to children. Lee Harvey Oswald was an abandoned child. Many kids who turn to crime either in their early years or later in life are simply ill equipped to handle an adult world. Part of the blame is on the parents, while other blame can be ascribed to society itself. Social deprivation can cause crime, but that's not the only reason. Socioeconomic backgrounds, circumstances in addition to anger and resentment are other causes of criminal behavior.

  • It is not the primary reason

    No, I don't think that social deprivation causes crime. It might be considered as one of the reasons for it, but the primary reason is man's own will. Immoral activities like rape, adultery are committed most often by those who have the money to escape punishment if they are caught. So no, it all depends on the mentality, character, willpower and training of a person which decides the sort of life he will lead.

  • Social deprivation doesn't cause crime

    All humans are born to be who we want to be. Like quote ' you can be anything you want to be '. We all in our life make or own choice. Another thing is ' are people born naturally gay '? As a kid what the heck do you know about being gay.As you grow up and understand the person you our and want to be you then know what you sex or gender you'll rather date. That's the same with criminals . You have choices to make. It all depends on you

  • Yes it causes crime

    Yes, I think that social deprivation does in fact cause crime. Keeping people low in society and trapped in poverty is no way to live life, so in order for those people to survive they must turn to crime. Rising those people out of social deprivation would hinder the crime rate.

  • Attitude and will matters

    God has given us will to choose the right.Many politicians,terrorists and dictators have committed heinous crimes but they were neither poor nor powerless .Such people commit crimes because they want to seek attention of the public or their hostile self gets pleasure out of it,or simply because they are greedy and their wants can never be satiated.

  • Not True Because...

    1) First of all, I think that social deprivation does not cause crime. Just because a person is isolated and deprived of society, doesn’t mean he/she is going to become a criminal by default. There are some other factors that can cause one to become a criminal, such as peer pressure. Friends are very influential in a young person’s life. Many times, teens are led astray by friends who invite them to “destroy the phone house!” or something like that. Other times, people are hooked up to cigarettes and other addictive substances because their friends asked them to try it. They are pressured to take the wrong choice because they will be teased, like “you girl ah?” or “you not man one lah!” Then, when they are addicted, they do not have money to buy it but still crave for it, which leads to crimes like snatch thieves and robberies. These people are not socially deprived; they actually have “friends” who are usually accomplices in these crimes. It has been observed that groups of teens join together in some sort of “gang” and rob someone or vandalize public property. Another reason people become a criminal is because they are lazy and want to take a shortcut in life. Most people are lazy because they don't have dreams to achieve and even if they claim they have one in life, they have almost no interest in achieving their dream. In another words, they have no burning desire for their dream. The logic is simple: If they badly want to get something, they steal it, or steal money to buy it. Some criminals consider a life of crime as a full time job. They believe that crime brings to them a greater reward, excitement, and admiration, until they are caught. Other criminals might get an adrenaline rush when they successfully carry out a dangerous crime. Some criminals commit crimes on impulse or just out of rage or fear. Also, greed can cause people to commit crimes, because they want to satisfy their craving for more and more. Greed is probably the biggest pandemic ever known to man because it is one of the main causes of crime.
    Whether or not to commit a crime is a person’s free choice. People choose to violate other people’s rights and the nation’s laws, but it is their choice. It is all dependent on the person in the end. They make themselves criminals. Even if a person is motivated by a low social position or poverty, it’s still a choice. There are poor people who come from a poor family, but instead chose not to do crime, but to be successful, even if they are socially deprived. Examples of people who have become successful are people like Harry Houdini, the magician, or Frank O’Dea, the co-founder of Second Cup, one of the largest coffee chains in Canada. These people were socially deprived when they were young, so how did they succeed in life?

  • It's Always A Choice

    People choose to violate other people's rights. A person may be motivated by a poor social position or having less in society than others but it's still a choice. The person could decide it would be more gratifying to achieve this through legitimate means and some people do. There are poor people who even become rich. Or the person could decide they don't care about these things and just want to live a simple life. The person could decide it would be more gratifying to succeed and do so without violating people's rights but that ultimately even if it doesn't work out, then what ever. A person who can do that is a person who doesn't take life too seriously. People keep shouting at each other even about the other person's supposed "own good" especially in childhood which makes all these things seem so critical and important but stop and think about how they are only important because we think they are and realize that you can decide anything is or isn't important and it is so. Too many people, criminal or not sabotage their own good and their own success because they take things too seriously when they could just be like "no matter what all is good" and just go about life not so seriously and then you will succeed whether in a traditional or a conventional sense or not you will succeed.

  • No, social deprivation doesn't cause crime.Some of the biggest crimes that affect society are committed by huge multinational companies and wealthy individuals.

    Tax evasion costs the developing world around $160 billion a year. Incidentally, this is more than the entire global aid budget. These are huge, global crimes that have effects on billions of people. It takes no stretch of the imagination to visualize how serious tax evasion inadvertently causes poverty, illness and even death. Money not paid in taxes is money that cannot be used for road safety, pensions, health care, world aid or many other institutions. In the US, the most common tax evaders are members of the highest earning bracket. Globally, the most common tax evaders are large multinational companies. These large scale crimes are not being committed by those from deprived backgrounds.

  • Social deprivation doesn't cause crime

    We can't surely say that when a poor person that is deprived in his society steals food, it's done because of deprivation. It is because of his needs themselves not because of his desire to fit in. And, on the other hand, there are still rich people who do crimes such as stealing, whom we usually call kleptomaniacs. It only depends on the personality of a person and how he makes decisions.

  • No I don't think social deprivation causes crime

    Just because one is isolated from society, doesn't mean he or she is gonna become a criminal by default. There are many other factors that cause one to be a criminal, such as area they live in, how much money they have or don't have, the quality of food available to them, etc etc. You can't focus on just any one reason for it like this. There are people who just like to be alone on their own, doesn't mean they are going to do bad things. It is all dependent on the person in the end, they make themselves criminals, how they live doesn't. So no I don't think social deprivation causes crime, people do.

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