Does social media influence an individuals decision to visit tourist destinations ?

Asked by: Estee
  • Can I be frank?

    Honestly, I dont have any other media besides Facebook. But, I only got Facebook because my friend wanted more gifts on a game. Nevertheless, I am more of a wallflower than anything in school. From what I've seen, people think to highly of themselves to admit to anything. But, I also see people who spend 75% of time on their devices (Phones specifically) and are influenced accordingly. Other than that, even in my personal life with my family members, I have gone on a trip because they said "it looked cool."

  • What influences you to travel?

    I am a second year university student doing graphic design. For my dissertation I am basing my question on do you think you get influenced by social media to travel. But, if not what other things influence you to travel. I am just very interested to know if you agree or you totally disagree. I personally feel that I do get influenced specially on Instagram to find new places to travel. Anything would be really helpful.

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