Does society need more masculism and less/no feminism?

Asked by: Foodiesoul
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  • We need neither.

    Don't go trying to attack feminism while promoting masculism. They is hypocritical. Masculism aims to first shoot down feminism and THEN focus on men's rights. That's really they're true aim: to bring down feminists. They don't care about men's rights. I support neither sides. They're both hypocrites. We need EGALITARIANISM- NOT feminism nor masculism!!!

  • These movements tend to stage the arguments wrong

    We need to get away from empowerment by genitals.

    You are not special because of the kind of genitals you have. There is no groundbreaking, breathtaking, amazingness derived from having a certain kind of genitals. It is the content of your character that should be the core. Epitomizing positive values, like fairness, kindness, stalwartness, nobility, honesty, etc. makes you an amazing person. Your genitals should have nothing to do with it.

    Have I said genitals enough...? Especially since we seem to focus on it constantly?


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