• While I do occassionally, swear words are not the best words to use

    In some ways the Normans (as much as I admire them) who settled in England did do bad to the language -- words like "F--k" and "p--s" came from them. They're not the nicest of words to use to be honest. I don't think using language is a way to get your point across.

  • Try English, perhaps?

    Cussing, makes us look like we have an awfully wanting vocabulary. It is considered a very amazing way of showcasing one's anger, but in professionalism, we believe in formality and not slang. Not only do these expletives make us disliked, but they also put up a very sorry picture of our morality.

  • To a certain degree

    I personally don't swear, or when I do it's very rare and typically a random reaction to something. It goes to show people cannot think of something more original than a word with little to no meaning, just there for the flare. I understand swearing is apart of this world, but if you truly think about it, it's completely pointless. Let's lengthen our vocabularies. It also gives off a sign of anger and ignorance. Many swear to prove a point, to scare the other person away, when the other is most likely winning. Swearing is also used towards someone, coming from a place of hatred. Many say swearing is just words, but it's a lot more than that.

  • In all ways.

    My father was in the Navy, my mother worked in manufacturing, two of my brothers were truck drivers and I worked for many years on a shipping dock. You would think that I grew up around a lot of cursing but no. You rarely ever heard anyone say the word s**t much less anything real bad.
    I always wonder if some people know any other adjectives or adverbs other than f***ing. When I worked on a shipping dock, believe it or not one of the older guys tried to fit in with the young ones. Before, you rarely ever heard a curse word but later on it was just stupid. I still remember something so idiotic I committed it to memory. We were on a break talking about natural disasters. Someone brought up Mount St. Helens. At that he said "F*** I don't know what I would f***ing do if I was on Mont St. F***ing Helens. F***ing a. The guy was a real idiot, he had gotten a bunch of native american tattoos claiming that his dad was full blooded Cherokee yet his last name was clearly french in origin.
    I think people did a stupid thing when the started calling it "adult language". There is nothing adult about it. If anything it makes a person seem immature, uneducated, and ill-mannered. It may be good if you want to fit in with inbred trailer trash or uneducated inner city homeless but other than that it is just stupid.

  • Maybe not directly

    It makes you sound dumb that's for sure. There is some question on ethics and politeness (especially around the ladies). Also the words can be subbed by many other words yet not using the other words can make you forget they are applicable to the situation. In other words the thesaurus in your head will shrink.

  • Cussing is not bad just look at the facts

    Why would saying what the hell be bad it just means what the devils lair. Cussing is a way of expressing your feelings. Don't judge someone cause they cuss you don't know them. They are just words that man made up. Stop thinking of cuss words as bad things cause there not and if you don't know get a dictionary cause they will tell you the true meaning

  • They are just words

    Our society has made them a bad thing but really they are just words. I still wouldn't let my kids say them but still just words. I don't think they are nice words to say too but how is saying a word made by us make us dumb or stupid

  • Swearing does not make you sound dumb unless it is used in inappropriate situations.

    If you were to walk into a religious institution, an elementary school, a professional meeting or a similar environment than it would make you look stupid for not knowing the social protocol. Or if every other word that you say is an expletive than you sound dumb just because it is excessive. If however, you are with your friends, family, or colleagues and you interject an expletive into what you are saying every now and then it is not only appropriate but it strengths what you are saying. Sometimes really funny jokes or really serious stories just require stronger words that can be found in the vocabulary of swear words.

  • No, It's Vice Versa

    After about six years of having to change into gym shorts while listening to the extremely graphic conversations of the "jocks" as most people would call them, I've come to the conclusion that dumb people are more likely to swear a whole bunch. This is mainly from experience and I don't know what causes this, but that's what happens. Literally, every other word is a cuss of some sort, and that's putting it lightly.

  • Sometimes they are necessary.

    I swear an awful lot and I wouldn't consider myself 'dumb'. They are just words at the end of the day, just not very friendly ones. Sometimes swearing when in pain or distress can help the situation by making you feel less pain. Your intelligence isn't necessary dictated by the vocabulary you choose to use.

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