• Yes Yes Yes

    If kids hear swearing on TV they might start saying it when they are angry and then they would get used to saying and hearing bad words they will keep doing it and other lids might start to think it is cool to swear and start doing it too. If kids aren't watching those action kinds of movies their parents might be and they will start to swear and the kids will learn to swear from their parents.

  • It Makes The Language More Common

    I believe that swearing on TV does affect children. I think when swearing is used on TV, it becomes more common with the population and people start to use the language more in their own speaking. So, not only does the child hear the language on TV, possibly, they are also subjected to their parents using the same terms more often.

  • Swearing on TV does not affect children.

    Although the use of profane words is censored on American TV, writers still find ways to imply the same actions. Even mainstream sitcoms and cartoons have references to explicit sex and violence. Allowing the use of a few forbidden words would not have much of an effect on the kids who watch TV.

  • TV Swearing Affects Children

    In most cases, swearing on television does affect the children that watch these shows. Children commonly pick up swearing and never give it up after hearing these words. If a child doesn't hear them from an adult, they'll hear them from an actor on television. Therefore, parents need to limit the swearing their child hears on TV.

  • Yes it does.

    Of course it greatly depends on the age of the child as to if, and how much, it affects a child when they hear swearing on TV. It also depends on whether or not they have family members that they hear swearing a lot. However with all that said, I do believe that it affects them by making them want to swear as well.

  • Yes, Swearing on tv affects children

    I do believe that television can have an affect on kids. The biggest effect on kids though should be their parents and even though they may hear swearing on tv and be tempted to swear in front of their friends, good parents should be by their side teaching them that its not good to swear.

  • Clean your mouth with soap

    Yes, it does children mimic what they see, and if they see an adult swearing on TV then they would think it is okay to swear and they will begin to pick up on how the adult is acting, so yes I do believe that swearing does affect children very much so.

  • No more than hearing it in real life!

    Even as a kid i thought bleeping out swearing was stupid and pointless, and I believe that even more strongly as an adult. Who decided those words werr 'bad' in the first place, and why do we have to carry on pretending they still are? No word shoud be forbidden at any time of the day.

  • There is NOTHING wrong with "swearing".

    Learning new words is never a bad thing as long as you are shown what they mean before randomly throwing them around. Young people should NOT be hidden from "swear words" and these words should never be censored, people who are afraid of them are absolute imbeciles, and should not be catered to at the expense of everyone else's freedoms.

  • There are worse things on TV.

    There's no reason why hearing f-bombs or other swearwords would damage kids in any way. Why would it? While it is good when parents try to prevent their kids from accessing programmes and films that glorifies violence or irresponsible sexual conduct, I think that worrying about swearing is an unnecessary distraction. We should therefore quit fussing about children using swear words or hearing them on TV. From the age of 7 or 8, hearing or using "bad language" should not be seen as a problem at all. People may be unsettled the first few times they hear s**t, f**K or c**T on daytime TV, but before long they will treat it as perfectly normal and not worry about their kids hearing it.

  • Swearing on TV does not affect children.

    Swearing on TV does not affect children. It is not the same growing up as it used to be for adults. Children these days are surrounded by the negative things that they see on television. If they are raised right then they should know that it is not right to use these swear words.

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