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  • No, Taylor Swift's personal life is her own business.

    Taylor Swift's fame draws a lot of attention to the more private matters of her life, but there is no reason for people to be so concerned about her love life. Everyone has their own strategy for dating, and finds a partner at their own pace. It is unproductive and obtrusive to try to decide whether someone else's dating habits are inappropriate. Additionally, the cultural fascination with Swift's dating life while people largely ignore the dating lives of male celebrities and do not pass judgement on their number of partners betrays a double standard of gender.

  • Taylor Swift can date whoever she wants.

    There's no amount of dating or relationships that is right or wrong, it's simply someone's personal choice. Nobody other than Taylor Swift and who she dates can tell her whether doing so is right or wrong. She's a young, attractive person in her 20s, so it's natural that she might date a lot.

  • Swift is young.

    Taylor Swift has the right to do whatever she wants when it comes to dating. She is young and she is single, and she seems to be really enjoying herself by getting to know a lot of different guys. I would only fault her for dating if she was cheating on someone while she was in a steady relationship.

  • No, she can date whoever she wants.

    Taylor Swift is an adult who can make her own decisions about who she wants to date and why. Relationships often do not work out when you are young, and many people jump into them impulsively, but that does not mean that she can not keep trying to make them work.

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