Does technology advance us (yes) or harm us (no)?

  • We live longer.

    Technology advances us because we are able to do much more than we ever could before. We live much longer than we used to. With technology, we have the ability to combat disease. Before, life was very hard. Today, we can travel across continents just in one day. Things are better today.

  • Yes, technology helps us immensely.

    Yes, technology moves us into the future in a positive light. There's no doubt about it. When we talk about technology, we talk about things like the iPhone and the Internet. These are things that have helped us to become better connected, more efficient, and happier in general. There's no question here.

  • Technology advance us

    Technology allows us to advance our knowledge, do tasks more quickly and most of all share information. Technological advances are saving lives and making individual lives more productive as well as easier. Without technology, we would still be working much longer hours and living without a lot of what we would consider "basic" human needs.

  • Technology harms us more than helps us

    People seem to forget what life is all about with so much technology around us. Technology sounds great in theory. It fixes problems and is supposed to make life easier in the long run. This way we can move on to bigger and better things. Except, technology does not really do this, because people make it about money as always.

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