Does technology have a negative effect on society?

  • Making us Self centered, less active(physically), reducing social gatherings and causing health problems

    With the emergence of Digital World our lives have become so mechanic. Now we we listen to music on PC, Read Newspaper on PC, Even prefer sport in PC rather than being on the field and of course we work on pc as well. So, our whole world is now captivated in a small box. Our health is deteriorating, eyes are getting bad and not a surprise that we almost forgot how to write and spell words right. As we do it on Pc and it spellchecks for us. We are loosing social bonds and becoming self centered..Authenticity is decreasing in terms of music or art as now its done by softwares mostly rather than using real instruments..And there are many more reasons why I believe it has negative impact on us.

  • Both are true.

    Of course there is a negative effect however there is also a positive effect. The majority of things in life have both and that's ok. Both need to exist in order for the world to stay balanced. A good example of this could be work. Working has a positive effect because one earns money and succeeds. The negative effect could be that one does not get to spend as much time with his family as he would like. Simple but real example.

  • Technology has a negative impact on society.

    The recent aspect of digitalization (information that can displayed on a computer screen) has truly harmed our society. It harms the environment in the process of making and delivering any product. It causes medical problems because screens can harm your eyes and can cause addiction along with mental instability, and even cause users to pass at a younger age. Lastly, it creates major social issues. People can become isolated and even depressed due to the fact that they are consumed by technology. They won't have as much face to face interaction causing their speech and grammar to dwindle. Young children are also experiencing more frequent cyber bullying and sexual content at a younger age. Technology may be helpful at times, but is it worth losing all our cultural and societal values to a device?

  • Technology is Positive for Society

    No, technology does not have a negative effect on society and to think that it does is absurd. Advanced technology is allowing people to live longer, happier, fuller lives which have a myriad of ways of staying connected to those one loves. Technology has a major positive impact on society.

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