Does technology have a positive role in our lives today?

  • Yes it has helped

    The technology that is helped out today has given us a great positive roles in our lives. Positive things such as improving the life expectancy for people all across the world but, it has gone much further than that as well. Things have gone further than that as well when it comes to it.

  • Teachnology Benefits Everyone

    Technological advances have a severe positive impact on everyone in society. Whether it is digitization of medical records, online schooling, or access of global information, technology benefits all members of societies. We need to learn to regulate our technological advances, such as spying and fraud, but overall it makes us a more open and freer society.

  • Technology isn't the problem its you.

    You have the control to put down a device, but do you? Technology is growing and if you look around no one is going to let it go. If technology was taking over our lives, you would stop using it. You are the human, you are in control of what you want and don't want. This is the new age of humanity, the age where man LETS machine take over. I find it like power tools, if you are not in control of the tool it is in control. Trust me, it will make mistakes.

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