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  • I agree that television can influence society, because if we continue to watch the same data produced, since there are no other things we watch.

    I think that television influences society in so many ways. Young children can be positively influenced by shows geared toward learning, while teenagers may be negatively influenced by such things as sex and drug use portrayed on TV. I think that it influences the way we dress, eat, talk and the cars we choose to purchase.

  • Whether we care or not

    The television is on in the background. We are being exposed to the sound and we believe it is natural. It influences us, with ads, news bias, and selective information. It changes the way we dress, the way we talk. It might not control us but it does influence us.

  • Ya, i also think that television effects our society .

    Becoz Television always shows good and bad things .So, the young children watching T.V doesn't knows that the show which he is watching is good or bad .They just learn whatever is shown in the T.V and they starts behaving like that, and sometimes children starts misbehaving with their parents .While playing or sometimes fighting with their friends they use some bad words which is not good for them and for their parents also.This put downs their parent's respect in the society.

  • Yes, television influences society.

    Our society has a bunch of low intelligence people in it. Television has the ability to influence these people because they are not capable of making their own decisions. In political arguments people just regurgitate exactly what they say on their favorite news telecast. It simply defies logic that people can't evaluate all relevant information and then make an informed decision.

  • It world wide

    Well everyone watches telelvision there for younger kids older adults will most likely use what they see on television at some point in the their life creating the influence witch is needed to make television influence what it is today it can cause riots war and even death if not watched

  • Both positive and negative aspects

    Television manipulates and influences people in many different ways, positively and negatively. It has become such a daily part of peoples lives as a form of entertainment and sometimes education but i think sometimes people lose touch of reality in the midsts of it all, in what television proposes and promotes to its audiences.

  • Yes it definitely does

    Television definitely influences our society. It starts in early age, kids use the tv to help learn how to read and sing and dance. As they get older the more things they see they mimic in their own way. It doesn't have to start in childhood though, it can just as easily shape adult society as well.

    Posted by: jus
  • TV definitely influences our society

    It may do it less and less now with the advent of the internet and its' power, but it still does. News for example has a huge impact on how we think, what we believe or do not believe. It is generally regarded by some that if the news says it it must be true, such as with the war on terror. Sitcoms is another one, the laugh track dictating to people what is funny and what is not funny, or making light of things that really are true. So yeah television does hold a big influence on society, and held even more before the internet came along and exposed some of the things TV once hid.

  • TV is Fun

    I think that television does not influence society because I believe that nothing biased is ever presented on TV. I think that, as opposed to children learning things on TV, they actually learn things exclusively in school (or other educational institutions). I truly believe that people do not mimic TV, but that TV in a way mimics its viewers because what viewers watch is often what they are accustomed to seeing in everyday life.

  • That is a question of a choice.

    Actually,a certain contingent of the masses is forming the demand for a certain sphere of information.
    So if the one just cannot think independently,it will be easy to manipulate his mind,as such people just have no ability of critical thinking and it is not a problem,caused by television.Such people just was brought up by government>and society this way.

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