• Yes, they do. T

    Tesla is a brilliant company that has exponded on and used many brilliant scientific ideas to create some amazing products, including a revolutionary car that will change the furture. Tesla can and will make the world better for furture generations and help to repair the damage we have done to our plantet.

  • Tesla - The Wave of the Future!

    There are several ways that Tesla represents the future of cars. Electric power will help to lessen the need for expensive fossil fuels. The auto-pilot features will provide a safer ride the vast majority of the time. There is even a feature being developed which will allow the owner to call the car to come by using a smartphone! In the same way that conveniences like microwaves and dishwashers have become a part of our lives, Tesla is at the forefront of new features provided by the auto industry.

  • Yes, Tesla does hold the keys to the future.

    The automaker Tesla does hold the keys to the future. Electric cars will eventually replace the internal combustion engine which relies on gasoline or diesel. Tesla is developing electric motors that are high quality, powerful and reliable. These electric powered motors will continue to decline in price as production increases. This will eventually make electric powered vehicles less expensive compared to gasoline powered ones.

  • Elon Musk the man that arguably drives Tesla

    This man (Elon Musk), is and will be studied both now and in the future. Google him and you will be able to see for yourself. However the future is extended beyond our knowing and keys are many. This man (Elon Musk) has found a way to make a version of his visions into reality. Tesla being one but there are others, so I think this man has at least 1 key and probably more.

  • Tesla is one of many ways to pave the road to the future

    I don't think that Tesla necessarily holds the keys to the future. I think the company is making great strides and advancements in car technology and will continue to do so. But I believe our future growth in this area will be shared among many great minds and entrepreneurs. There are thousands of people working tirelessly behind the scenes to discover the next big thing that will save fuel, cut costs, and propel the car industry forward.

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