• Of course it causes distractions

    While driving down the road, you not only have to worry about how you drive, but you have to worry about how the people around you are driving. If you are looking at your phone, or anything else, you have taken your eyes off the road and off the other drivers. It could be very dangerous.

  • Yes, driving while your eyes on your phone is dangerous.

    This seems like an obvious thing, but if your eyes and brain are focused intently on something other than the road and other motorists, you are far more likely to have an accident. It has been shown that texting is more dangerous than driving while suffering from sleep deprivation or even when driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

  • Yes, texting while driving causes distractions.

    I believe that texting while driving causes distractions. It is obviously very serious if a driver is texting while driving because he or she is distracted, and that can lead to accidents. But I have found that people who text are also distracting to other drivers. Several times I have nearly had an accident because I have had to swerve to avoid a person driving in the middle of the road. I usually look to see if there is a cell phone in their hand as I'm cursing at them. Usually they are texting. I'm just as distracted looking at them as the person who is texting!

  • Texting does not cause distractions

    Some vehicles have the ability to let you text by speaking. There are also some phones or just apps that let you do so as well. There is no need to ban texting while driving when this does not actually cause a real distraction. Those were my reasons why we don't need more strict rules

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Quan says2013-06-04T19:28:35.840
That's a silly question. If your eyes are not on the road and your hands are not on the steering wheel, you're not driving.
Anonymous says2013-07-18T23:36:22.947
Yes. It's a distraction.