• It under-minds/under-mines All-lives matter

    Black lives matter makes it seem like the Criminals and prejudice people represent the voice of America. While the bigots who hate them simply don't care and laugh at those protesters like homosexuals laughing at everyone else who fights against them.

    The Black lives matter movement is redundant and prejudice.

  • My first impulse was to say no.

    I've read the two present arguments of the users of the other opinion. At face level, Black Lives Matter does not directly encourage discrimination, at least discrimination of the African race. But this movement already has created discrimination, which, defined by the dictionary, is "the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex." Basically, it means stereotyping. You judge people without even getting to know all of their information. That's what's happening with the Black Lives movement. As aforementioned by the other debaters of the same opinion, it already creates a certain impulse in the less well-informed people and prompts them into stereotyping that ALL police officers are bad, which is obviously untrue.

    I'm not saying, though, that Black Lives Matter is entirely bad. It does stand up to the rights of the "black" people and help in reminding society and the government that, hey, they're part of humanity too, and they shouldn't be discriminated JUST because of their skin color. In a news article (http://us.Cnn.Com/2016/07/19/opinions/black-lives-matter-opinion-peniel-joseph/index.Html), it states that Black Lives Matter has never been anti-police, anti-white or anti-government. But that doesn't rule out the fact that they have stimulated racial discrimination, whether they intended it or not.

  • BLM encourages discrimination

    In Toronto they got the police kicked out of the pride parade and they tried t get the Vancouver police kicked off the pride parade. They want black only safe spaces and ask their white supporters to go to the back of the group. They yell "what do we want dead cops when do we want them now"

  • Yes, it is an encouragement

    The Black Lives Matter movement encourages discrimination against police and people of other races. It has fast become a hate group that seeks to shut down and invalidate anyone else's concerns or slight differences in opinion. They might get some people to take them seriously but if they don't work with the system and tone down some of their rhetoric they will lose even more sympathy.

  • Yes, this is segregation

    Yes, all lives matter. In joining a movement saying black lives matter, those people are segregating themselves as a separate entity. Mankind should be working toward the protection and fairness toward each individual life. Color is just a pigment, not a determining factor of goodness. I sincerely admired the police chief in Dallas who requested that his citizens apply for jobs within the force to help resolve the issues of profiling and protecting the people.

  • Black Lives Matter encourages discrimination

    The Black Lives Matter movement encourages discrimination. It singles out one group, instead of focusing on police tactics against all people. This creates resentment among the police force. Others that may be sympathetic are also less likely to join the cause There are other minorities that feel mistreated and are left out of the movement.

  • No, Black Lives Matter does not encourage discrimination

    The Black Lives Matter movement is a positive message to uplift Black Americans, racial discrimination exists with or without this organized movement. It is important to keep a peaceful protest due to the recent racial conflicts and work toward improvements. It recalls a message from the 60's "Be Black and Be Proud, Say It Loud". This was a slogan used to overcome the racial conflicts during that time.

  • No, the discrimination already existed

    The Black Lives Matter movement is about calling out the discrimination that already exists in the various communities throughout our country. To suggest that a movement meant to highlight the already existing discrimination as discriminatory seeks to push the existing discrimination under the carpet. Let's focus on the real issue that's been illustrated--tangible evidence of discrimination and unfair treatment of blacks. Whether you agree with the Black Lives Matter movement is less important than fighting the obvious discrimination in our country.

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