Does the Black Lives Matter movement help (yes) or hurt (no) the black community?

  • It has to stop somewhere.

    I saw something a while ago that I think sums it up well. Not long after the Black Lives Matter campaign started, some people (typically white conservatives) were saying "all lives matter". Then when a couple of incidents involving police being killed occurred, suddenly those same people wanted "blue lives matter". It's quite obvious that if "blue lives matter" is ok, but you have a problem with "black lives matter", your problem is with the colour black.
    Maybe they haven't approached everything the right way, but do you seriously expect them to tolerate innocent, unarmed people being shot over and over? Perhaps if the protests get some action and understanding, incidents like Orlando won't keep happening. Maybe if ONE cop who murders an unarmed black person actually gets jail time (a lot of it, not 12 months weekend detention), or better yet, the killings just stop, then BLM won't be necessary.

  • Fucking stop being butthurt and look at the facts.

    Drugs. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, among youths aged 12 to 17, the rate of current illicit drug use was 11.1 % among whites, and 9.3% among African Americans. [5] In a previous year, the same survey found that white youth aged 12 to17 are more than a third more likely to have sold drugs than African American youth. [6] The Monitoring the Future Survey of high school seniors shows that white students annually use cocaine at 4.6 times the rate of African Americans students, use crack cocaine at 1.5 times the rate of African Americans students, and use heroin at the same rate of African Americans students, and that white youth report annual use of marijuana at a rate 46% higher than African American youth. [7] However African American youth are arrested for drug offenses at about twice the rate (African American 314 per 100,000, white 175 per 100,000) times that of whites, [8] and African American youth represent nearly half (48%) of all the youth incarcerated for a drug offense in the juvenile justice system. [9]
    Weapons. According to the Center on Disease Control’s annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey, in 2001 whites and African Americans reported similar rates of carrying a weapon (whites 17.9%, African Americans 15.2%), and similar rates of carrying a gun (whites 5.5%, and African Americans, 6.5%). [10] African American youth represent 32% of all weapons arrests, and were arrested for weapons offenses at a rate twice that of whites (69 per 100,000, versus 30 per 100,000). [11]
    Assault. According to the Center on Disease Control’s annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey, African Americans report being in a physical fight at a similar rate (36.5%, versus 32.5% for whites), but were arrested for aggravated assault at a rate nearly three times that of whites (137 per 100,000, versus 48 per 100,000). Black people were killed by police at more than twice the rate of white people in 2015. Police officers are no more likely to be killed by white people than black people.

    BLM DONE PROPERLY is good. Obviously some people are gonna ruin it. This can't be blamed on the whole movement

  • Black lives matter is not bad

    BLM is a movement that shows that people are not treated equally and brings people of color closer to each other. They also prove that American has issues with racism which is something that america needs to work on. Yes their has been problems at some rallies but most of them have been peaceful. Also yes black people kill black people but also white people kill white people and they're not treated as bad as a person of color. I see no problem in spreading the word that people of color are unequal in this country and it also shuts down the stereotype that most african americans or people of color are uneducated.

  • BLM Does Absolutely Nothing to Help Blacks

    All you have to do is look at the crime rates; 50% of homicides are committed by blacks, only 3% of blacks are killed by whites (includes police), 81% of whites are killed by blacks, and 97% of blacks are killed by other blacks. BLM constantly blames police for poverty and crime in black communities, but in reality, other blacks are responsible for them. Though blacks are going through some problems (look at the homicide rate stated before) and police brutality is still a thing, almost none of the problems in black communities are caused by police. And to make it worse, every time white cops kill a black person in the media, BLM hops onto the case before any evidence comes out, making it look like black people are being killed left and right by cops.

  • Oh Deary me...

    As someone who was originally in support of BLM, being a person of colour myself, I didn't think that I could ever inveigh against such a group, but, I am afraid that although I still advocate for equality of the races, I am simply unable to agree with BLM specifically any longer. Firstly, because, from a quick google search alone, you are able to bear witness in seeing the enormous amount of collateral damage and highway blockage, caused by participants of BLM both in, where I reside and nationwide. In addition, during the eulogies that were spoken for all the victims of the Orlando shooting, BLM had then suddenly decided to take the microphone, hijack the event and make this about them.
    As someone who is actually LGBT, the amount of effrontery, an event that was made to mourn the victims, now suddenly about pushing the BLM matter agenda, had made my blood boil. I must ask; why must such stridency and ineffable disrespect be tolerated so?

  • BLM hurts everyone

    They harass people and block highways, They almost prevented a sick baby from getting to the hospital via highway. They dont help anyone including black people. Lots of black people want to be able to drive somewhere during an emergency and not be blocked. They want to study in a library and not be harassed. Some black people want t go to town hall meetings about problems in their community and be able to talk about them with out BLM shutting it down.

  • Harmful to all.

    In my opinion, everyone should be treated equally regardless of age, gender, race, religion etc. That people should be judged by their words and actions alone. If a person or group feels they have been treated wrongly, by all means, seek restitution and/or peacefully protest.
    That being said, Black Lives Matter had not only blamed white people for everything but made black people look bad in the process.
    -Sure, a big portion of the blame is the media as they are the ones who instead of reporting the facts, they have taken on the role of judge, jury, and executioner long before the actual trial begins. Because groups like BLM are already convince of guilt, they demand punishment no matter if the person is found guilty in a court of law or not. "No Justice, No Peace"
    -Many of their demonstrations have not only caused black people to riot, but illegally blocking traffic for all motorists. These actions make them look like the villain, not just to white people but everyone who is effected by them.
    -To make this even worse, The Movement for Black Lives, a group related to BLM, has created a list of demands that are just ludicrous. For instance, what they call Reparations. Part of it would require the government provide free high quality educational for life including college, for all black people. Basically they are demanding handouts based on race. Do they realize how this makes black people look?


  • Burning down cities is essentially terrorism

    Let's stop beating around the bush, BLM is a domestic terrorist organization. They burned down Ferguson and Baltimore, gunned down cops across the nation, blocked highways, disrupted Sanders rallies, blocked highways, etc. Normally, any group that acts out like this would be labelled a terrorist group, but BLM is for "blacks rights" (despite blacks already getting better treatment than whites via affirmative action). All BLM does is essentially portray blacks as animals who riot and burn down the city when they don't get their way, which isn't true.

  • Domestic terrorist group.

    Black Lives Matter....Even the name is disingenuous. They do not believe black lives matter-most blacks who are murdered are murdered by other blacks. This does not offend BLM. This group is the latest radical organization providing a home for anti American sentiment. Blacks are no longer oppressed in the USA. Blacks flock to this country to escape oppression, just as people of all other ethnic groups do. In my lifetime I have worked alongside and known many blacks. None of them were oppressed, because none of them were radicals, none of them were anti American, none of them felt they were owed a handout, and all of them worked their hardest to succeed, just like everyone else who succeeds. This group is the manifestation of Saul Alinsky tactics.

  • Black lives matter makes people hate blacks.

    Before you read my argument, I have to tell you that I'm not bashing all members of BLM. There are many decent members but unfortunately, there are also not so decent members.
    BLM does so many disgusting things like killing officers and blocking up roads. This makes people associate the actions of BLM with all blacks, leading people to hate them. While the members of BLM may think that their movement helps blacks, it does exactly the opposite. Another thing is that you haven't seen a single difference caused by BLM. All it ever did was lead to more violence and hatred to police officers and blacks. Unless all the BLM members learn to protest in non disturbing ways and understand that all lives matter, there will be more and more violence.

  • BLM is a terrorist organization.

    Not only are they racist, but their protests have been violent all over the country. It takes less than 5 minutes to google search BLM Violent protests and you have a PLETHORA of options to click on. They call whites by names, tell them to GET TO THE BACK and tell media to go away. They suppress whites even at BLM events! They cause violence and mass unrest.

  • BLM started off helpful, but has turned into a total mess.

    Black Lives Matter used to help the community if you as me- it brought attention to the rising issue that is police brutality. But now it's just hurting the image of blacks and dividing the nation. People are killing cops and threatening lives in the name of the movement. Not only is that the wrong way to handle the topic of violence- it's the wrong way to handle just about everything. Until it can reform itself into a peaceful movement, it won't help anyone.

  • It hurts them

    Look up COINTELPRO, it has infiltrated BLM and is now promoting violence among them, just like Bill Still said "creating violence in a movement is the best way to subdue it, if you are going to protest, do so peaceably." This is why the head of BLM was appointed by George Soros, wow, what a pro civil rights upstanding individual.

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ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-08-08T17:30:50.780
It's great to see everybody talking about their arguments! I never thought that I would ever get this many people to all discuss one opinion.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-08-08T17:31:06.163
It's great to see everybody talking about their arguments! I never thought that I would ever get this many people to all discuss one opinion.