Does the death penalty violate the 8th amendment?

  • The death penalty violates the 8th amendment.

    It violates the 8th amendment because it is a cruel and unusual punishment. It is cruel to kill someone no matter how horrible the crime. It is showing people that if you do something the same will be done to you, it is an eye for an eye. I disagree with that type of justice completely.

  • The Death Penalty is Unconstitutional

    The death penalty is unconstitutional. Its in obvious violation of the 8th Amendment. Why go out of your way to kill someone when society has other options of punishment? The death penalty does not solve the crime, fix the problems that were caused by the crime, or teach anyone a lesson. It is just killing for the sake of killing. The federal government needs to work with state and put a stop to this as soon as possible.

  • A clear violation of the 8th amendment

    Whenever I try to formulate my opinions about the constitution, I rarely try to understand what Supreme Court has ruled for cases arguing against the 8th amendment because in most cases the Supreme Court likes to add a modern twist to it. I believe that when our founding fathers came together to create the Bill of Rights, they clearly viewed this as one that should eliminate death as a penalty. Not only is death cruel, in most cases it can be viewed as unusual. Let us consider that this is the only crime that we punish those with the same crime that they committed. This just seems barbaric. We need to progress our society by find better was to rehabilitate people or to keep out those that cannot be allowed back into our society. Death is the end and so should be using it as a way to punish.

  • Yes, it is cruel and unusual

    The death penalty is a violation of the eighth amendment because it ends in the death of the accused. We should never kill someone as punishment for their crimes, instead they should get a fair trial and be subject to other forms of justice, I don't believe in the death penalty.

  • When we put someone to death for any reason then we become like them.

    We do not know what frame of mind the person was in when he/she committed the crime. We do not know what caused this action. We cannot judge this person, all we can do is try to help him/her. We are taking revenge on the person we put to death. Is that what kind of justice we want to be known as? I know it is very hard for a person who has lost someone in case of violence but it is necessary to forgive to move forward. We become just like the criminal that we have put to death, we then become murderers.

  • Because it does

    Amendment number 8 states that no cruel or unusual punishment shall be inflicted. The death penalty clearly violates this as state sponsored murder is extremely cruel and unusual. When politicians try to justify the death penalty they say that torture is a cruel and unusual punishment, as the death penalty is quick and painless. Now, we dont know if this is true. There is no way of asking someone after they receive the penalty. Taking a life away because the government said so seems like something an absolute monarch would do, clearly not what the founding fathers wanted from America.

  • The death penalty violates the eighth amendment

    How is killing someone not cruel. If you kill a criminal because the criminal killed someone, then how is the government ever going to get better. The government is saying not to do something when they are doing it themselves. The government has the power to punish someone, but not cruelly.

  • Yes it does

    Because the eight amendment basically says that a crime must fit the punishment and the punishment cannot be cruel and unjust. Killing a person is a type of torture so clearly it violates this amendment. You cannot pick and chose the people who you feel should die just because they done wrong and you may think they deserve it

  • It is an inhumane act.

    Clear violation of the 8th and 14th Amendment. It is cruel to punish by death, in the same way they believe the act of killing was cruel in the reasoning that this punishment was chosen for the accused. Punishment by death is not the way, so many innocent people are executed before they are able to prove their innocence. Some are not able to ever prove their innocence because of the way the appeal system is set up. Those who aren't able to afford proper legal representation are appointed an attorney that probably doesn't take their case seriously. An attorney that works with so many cases because the courts pile them on their desk. How can one person completely concentrate on more than 5 to 10 cases at a time? They're getting 50 plus cases and told to handle them. These cases are handled carelessly, leaving those who deserve proper representation with a person(s) that are not connected to the case, who doesn't show any interest in their well being. Adding to that, these attorneys work closely with the DA's and courts who are all out to pretty much make sure the accused never see their freedom. It's all a set up. Sadly this will continue to go on, as it has for many years.

  • Of course it does!!!

    Death penalty breaks the 8th amendment because being killed is a type of torture. The 8th amendment states that no one should be able you torture you in anyway. I'd rather be in jail for the rest of my life than be killed! Sometimes, the people who die are innocent!

  • Well , Hell No

    By breaking the 8th amendments right on this means that you deserve to be punished, whats wrong for us if we are just paying back what other have done. When they spend their life in prison, they still get food and a comfortable place to sleep, it's the most luxurious punishment for a killer.

  • Death for XXL Wrong Doing

    I believe that one must die if he/she had purposefully murdered a multitude of people like a serial killer. If that person killed only one person, they deserve a life in prison. However, if they have killed many people, they can only deserve death. Lets say, someone killed 10 people, and he was sentenced for life in prison. Wheat if he escapes and murders more people. If he/she is dead, they can no longer kill anyone. By the way, sentencing death was normal centuries ago, what makes it wrong today.

  • The Death Penalty is constitutional

    Whenever we're looking at an argument of constitutionality, we need to first take a look at the Supreme Court because they are the ultimate deciders. The Supreme Court ruled in 1976 in Gregg v. Georgia:

    "It is apparent from the text of the Constitution itself that the existence of capital punishment was accepted by the Framers. At the time the Eighth Amendment was ratified, capital punishment was a common sanction in every State. Indeed, the First Congress of the United States enacted legislation providing death as the penalty for specified crimes."

    This quote from SCOTUS even lists the eight amendment by name. Once an issue has ruled upon by the Supreme Court, the decision is final, unless brought before the court another time.

    Capital Punishment is clearly constitutional.

  • Some forms are and others are not.

    Prior to the amendments being made there were 2 death penalties that were performed,but as of 1791 when the amemdments were made most death penalties were preformed by various methods all inducing pain,rough 15,000 people have died by the death penalty between 1608 and 1991. However, first used in 1982, lethal injection was the first form of death penalty that was neither cruel or unusual, or that's what people thought. Lethal injection had often ended up botched leaving various amount of people gasping for air for a minimum of 20 minuets to and hour,not only that but chemical burns internally, convulsing, and grimacing. Now used are 3 lethal drugs in charge of putting the person under anesthetics, paralyzing the muscles, that speeding up your heart until it eventually shuts down. I like to describe it at the biggest loophole in today's system,but that's just me. Therefore the death penalty by lethal injections is not violate the 8th amendment. As for the other death penalties including execution style and others, that's just unruly.

  • No it doesn't

    If it was such a violation of the 8th amendment we wouldn't of never had the electric chair or death row in general. It would have been noticed way before, but now it's all of a sudden a big issue, what makes all these years so different. That's all I have to say.

  • No it doesn't

    If it was such a violation of the 8th amendment we wouldn't of never had the electric chair or death row in general. It would have been noticed way before, but now it's all of a sudden a big issue, what makes all these years so different. That's all I have to say.

  • No it doesn't.

    Well, take it into your own terms. Someone killed, kidnapped, or raped you, or your family. You would probably want them to be put to death, because killing in vain is wrong. But, as a punishment is completely necessary because it will send a message into the community stating that it is wrong, and if you do this, it will come with severe punishment, and lead to a result of lower crime rate.

  • No it does not.

    Death Penalty is just one of the types of punishments. If you kill a lot of people then you deserve to die yourself. The 8th amendment states that a cruel and unusual punishment should not be required. But, the death penalty is neither of these, it is quick and meaningful penalty.

  • Absolutely positively not!

    No, it does not violate the 8th amendment at all. The death penalty is not cruel or unusual. It is a quick death. I may sometimes be painful, but so is the loss of a loved one to a cold-blooded killer. And cold-blooded killers are the only ones who get the death penalty.

  • No, no violation spotted.

    Killing humanely, there is no cruelty in here at all. The the fifth amendment states that it is only unconstitutional if your are put to death without the due process of law. And it isn't "racist" either. There are more white people who are put to death than any other race in the U.S.

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