Does the electoral college make individual citizen votes less important?

  • Less important? Yes. Unimportant? No.

    While it does make it a situation where someone who wins the popular vote can still lose the election, because states are tallied in blocks, it doesn't mean they are meaningless. However, it does create a system where a candidate can win the majority vote, but lose because of swing states.

  • Yes, it does.

    The electoral college actually makes the individual citizen votes less important. This is because, it is private and confidential. Therefore no one is able to recognize who the other citizen is voting for. The aspirants will not recognize you either. This is because they do not know who is voting for them.

  • Electoral College Not Affected Too Much by Individual Votes

    The electoral college certainly makes individual citizen votes less important but that does not mean that individual citizen votes are meaningless or useless. Those individual votes can swing the electoral college votes one way or another so they are important in order for the electoral college to vote in a certain way.

  • Yes, the citizens should be givenm all powers.

    The electoral collage does not in many elections represent the will of the people. It just does not make sense that one can become the president after winning the electoral collage despite losing in the citizens voting. The majority should have their say, the people should have the ultimate power to elect the president.

  • No, not entirely.

    It is frustrating when the race is close that a person who did not have the popular vote could still win, but it does not make individual votes less important. It may make some more important than others, but all people should take the time to express their opinion and vote.

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