• No accountability for men

    It is unfathomable how we are still debating this. What happened to personal liberties. Men are not even held accountable. I have never heard of a man facing any real punishment for shucking his responsibility for his kids. It is solely the womens burden to bear. If government is going to sentence women 18 years of child rearing maybe men should be sentenced to some time as well in jail for abandonment. Maybe women need to black panther it and march against the gop toting the guns they love so much.

  • Rape ... Is ... Not .... Good. We are not inferior to men. We are not at Mankind's feet to serve them.

    If it is not obvious as heck they believe women to be at their feet and at their disposal....I don't know that there is any logic or reason that can penetrate the ignorance. They live and breathe by this belief: "[Women are} A lesser cut of meat." Insane and Moronic.

  • Of course they hate women

    Their very actions prove they hate women. If they didn't hate women why haven't they introduced even ONE law that penalizes men for impregnating women. They blame women 100%. They close clinics that help poor women and can't even be bothered to pretend to care enough to offer an alternative solution. They vote against laws that ensure equal pay for equal work. Since they have not suggested one law that would have a positive impact on women.

  • Look at Ann Coulter

    I believe that the GOP is primarily a white, Christian man's party used to instill old ideas in a modern society with an ever changing system of thought. We don't need an archaic way of thinking, we need to advance how we view others and not hold others back. Women are equals.

  • They do not respect females.

    By failing to get a woman's input on the issue of birth control, the GOP has shown that it does not value women as equals in society. If woman are not viewed as equals, they must then be viewed as inferior in the eyes of the GOP. Stances of superiority and inferiority are only possible when one group hates or looks down on the other.

  • Their policies are attempting to bring us back to the 1800s

    The GOP clearly does not respect women or view them as valuable members of society. By refusing to accept a woman's point of view on the issue of abortion and birth control and insinuating that all women are sluts and sex fiends that need to be controlled through oppressive measures, the GOP is perpetuating misogynistic stereotypes.

  • Have you forgotten your history?

    I wonder if any of you were ever taught this or have just forgotten. The Grand ol' Party was the first to support the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. If they hate women then why would they give them the right to change the status quo?

  • What a stupid question

    I don't think any political entity in the United States "hates" women. Conservative ideas produced by the GOP may not reflect the entertainment and materialistic lifestyles spewed out by the liberals and the far left media, this doesn't mean they hate women. Abortion is not supported because its a thoughtless execution of human fetus's, regardless of if you find it "life" or not. Birth control is looked down upon because it opens the door even wider for pre-marital relationships and sex. Regardless of if you are pro or con on either of those topics its completely absurd to state that the GOP hate women because they don't toss away their convictions for votes when it comes election time.

    Posted by: JonL
  • No They Don't

    The GOP doesn't hate women, they just don't have a very progressive outlook on what a modern woman's life looks like. The GOP seems very old fashioned in their ideas of gender and gender roles. I think a little sensitivity training is all that is needed. There are a lot of GOP women after all!

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