Does the human race deserve to thrive on earth?

Asked by: saatvikdutt
  • We are native to the Earth.

    Throughout history, the human race has looked upon others of its kin as inferior, and without the right to, well, rights. Even today this is so. However, as governments and societies move liberally in their social views over time, we see that these are people too, just as humans are part of Earths' ecosystem, and therefore humans should be allowed to strive on the Earth, if not elsewhere.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Saying that we don't deserve to live feeds self hate which can only lead to the destruction of self and the destruction of others and and of the planet, because that breeds insane people that pass those beliefs to their children in the DNA as it's been proven, is that what you want to tell your children, that they don't deserve to live? Is that the message you want them to pick up? Sure we are polluters, destroyers, but we are also creators as someone else said before and it's not in human basic nature to destroy and pollute, it's learned behavior stemming from a basic feeling of disconnection with nature and the Earth that comes not only from industrial society but also from our illusion of separateness that was present even before this industrial age with its planned obsolescence and packagings, and pollutants started. And although only few people in the world decide how things are made and how much we pollute globally, like the ones who have decided to create planned obsolescence for everything from lightbulbs to printers, we each have a vote with our recycling, with our living and spending habits. Also there is a new generation of people findingn solutions to these issues like the boy who invented a way to cean the Ocean from plastic! If greed were to be eradicated we could live on a piece of land as big as Australia and each and everyone of us would have 1/4 of an acre of land, and hunger wouldn't exist with permaculture which works in deserts and mountains even and helps the ecosystem instead of destroying it but it's not profitable for the big companies like monsanto....Think about it

  • Yes for sure!!

    We are maybe not prefect, maybe far from it, but if where still alive today its because we deserve to live, we have a goal in life, if this goal was given too use, it was for a good reason. We need to stop saying that the world doesn't deserve too live, we should look up to our future ahead of us, to make the world a better place for the future generation. WE HAVE A LOT OF GREAT THINGS IN OUR WORLD, LIKE: Firemen to save us from flames, police officers to help us when where in need, Hospital to heal use when sick or hurt, we have help centers for mental, drugs, alcohol problems and etc. We are the smartest on earth we can make great thinks, Please stop what you are doing and think how you can make the world a better place, THINK deep inside you, everything is possible you just need a bit of love.

  • But only if we end our confusion

    There are many beautiful lights in this world - and yet they are largely overshadowed by the darkness. Those who seek and find enlightenment know that we are all of one conscious awareness and that our existence is a temporal experience of beingness offered to us as a gift from God. Others find different ways to express love for their fellow human beings without reaching enlightenment. Yet others separate and divide themselves and become the darkness. Right now the darkness enfolds most of the earth. A moderate number of people hold the middle ground. And a handful of us are living life from an enlightened viewpoint. Therefor the question is not whether or not we deserve to live, but rather it is a question of how do we further enlighten our society as a whole and break through the artificial construct that we have all agreed to partake in as a result of inviting fear, uncertainty, and doubt into our lives.

  • More than yes

    I believe as much as anyone that the human race is adversely affecting the environment, but we are the pinnacle of evolution no matter how flawed we are. I sincerely dislike almost all humans but I realize the implications of our existence. To say we do not deserve to live is almost selfish. We, as a race, have done, and are currently doing, some horrible things but instead of saying we don't deserve to live we need to move on to make a better future. We are not inherently destructive, we are inherently creative we just need to jump the hurdles of our relatively new found abilities. As humans we have the power to destroy everything we come in contact with. We have guns and technology that could easily be used without abandon to hurt. But we have technology to heal and sure it is mostly clouded by greed but that will fade we will see that our place in this world is more than to conquer, it is to explore and learn. We have been given something that no other animal on the planet has been given. We do not need to speculate about the existence of intelligent life in the universe. We ARE intelligent life in the universe. We are the proof that it can exist if not only once. How lucky we are. How improbably lucky. So yes I believe we deserve to live.

  • Truth is, no

    Although it is true in "Darwinism" parts, but humanity has simply annihilated so much life forms, weak and strong, simply for greed. In the bible, we are destined, lifted above anything on earth to exist. However, bible also states killing is wrong. And since humanity kills a lot of things pointlessly, it is, frankly, we do not deserve to thrive on earth.

  • Its simplistic but the truth is simple

    In any view of an ecosystem, all species, plants, micro organisms, insects, bacteria, yes, even viruses who contribute to evolutionary advance in all DNA... Right down to molecules, atoms etc there is one constant scientific observable fact:
    Any member of any ecosystem benefits the entire system by its existence even by destruction it causes in its efforts of its own survival. The only exception to our global ecosystem is the human race. We benefit nothing, not even ourselves in the destruction we cause while ensuring our survival.

    Simply, we are the only species that modifies the world we live in in unnatural ways. We are the only species creating materials that do not exist normally in nature by distorting nature itself. The natural ecosystems cannot repair damage caused by plastics, modified fuels, morphed viruses, metal compounds etc all synthesized from our apparent 'wisdom' which no other species lays claim to.

    We feel righteous and superior because we alone declare humans as self aware and possessing knowledge, revelling in our right to make choices to effect the entire planet right down to its atomic structure and our own DNA.

    We affirm our superiority by defining intelligence itself as something only we truly possess because we have wonder, creativity and are self aware...

    I now know that true intelligence is what every other species has that we do not... The lack of greed or malice, they are content living life as they have evolved in their ecosystems to do, are very adept at molding to change, adapting their survival to ever changing environments while ensuring other species benefit through that change as well, ultimately creating a ripple effect of adaptation through the entire ecosystem as a whole.

    However instead of adaption to pressures humans place into the ecosystem, slowly species extinction and decline has occurred, leading humans to further breed and manipulate genetics of everything, plants animals, bacteria, viruses...Even ourselves to stave off the irreversible damage we have already done hence encountering more damage as a result.

    There is no end to it until our own END, even then, with so many unnatural elements left on this planet, nature will not be able to redress that which is not natural... We have killed the hope of this ecosystem as I type already, the only planet we have to ever exist on... We have killed ourselves and for all our intelligence, we are too stupid to adapt and change ourselves to model the true intelligence of any other member, any of them, in the ecosystem...

    Posted by: KN
  • Humans are equivalent to destruction

    Wasn't it the humans who have wreaked havoc on the world being the most intellectual species on earth has made them even more dangerous. Do humans have a place on the earth if humans were to be snapped out of the ecosystem the world would thrive in a much better way.

  • These parasites are destroying the planet.

    Through pesticides, manufactured diseases, and polluting the oceans the humans will destroy all things on this planet very soon, if nothing is done to change this everything will collapse and sentience will be extinct and everything else here on terra firma, these are the facts no one will listen to.

  • Nothing but monsters, the lot of them

    Give me a break, I will never have mercy for pathetic humans, I don't care if some of them are poor or pity as hell, I care about nature!! I will let them suffer if they dare to bully or kill animals, prison is nothing to me anymore!!! I would love to eat human flesh, more tastier than other animals meat

  • No more!!! Savages

    Humans have been around for about 200,000 years. They have been in power way... To long. For human existence a lot of other magnificent creatures had to die out soon there wown't be enough food for the whole world. Humans have been greedy for a really long time killing and killing when will it end. Why do other creatures have to die for human existence

  • Fuck off people

    Give me 3 good reasons why humans are good for anything! I meen really "www" world wide web isn't even world wide we show ourselves a picture that we ourselves photoshoped. We over kill, over destroy, and under appreciate. Face it we lie to each other all the time. End

  • Humans have destroyed earth in many ways.

    Most problems people talk about are the problems in the world we live in. Overpopulation, antibiotics, global warming, GMOs, corruption of the government, terrorist, pollution, war, extinction. You name it! People have caused problems that may be impossible to solve. Ever since people started to populate earth 200,000 years ago, things changed and it got worse. These are the reasons i believe that humans do NOT deserve to live on earth.

  • They do not

    The world started off fine, we had a sustainable place, food, water, thriving ecosystem. First humans come along, still fine, aye okay. Religion is established, this is where it takes a turn, "I own this place because god said so". Fast forward, industrialization, using up all the recourses for pointless wars, and pointless lifestyles that are sustained and sucking the earth dry. More time passes, oil is pumped more and more fueling out machines, gold is excavated to be sold and smelted down for some rich asshole to put on his finger, or kept in bars to look at. Trimming down trees for no purpose, using the wood for building more meaningless structures to look at. Im rambling so I will leave with this, humanity screwed up all, animals and other creatures mind thier own business and thrive.

  • Only humanity decides

    U all vote no for no reason there are 2 possibilities for you 1. Change what can be changed .. The power is in the people and in the masses not in few ... 1 million vs 100 what a fight lol 2. Kill urself and stand up for your opinion............. Now what i think you will do is nothing ur blind dumb and aggressive and therefore want everyone to die so you choose no .... You demand justice for all the pain you have endured but you do nothing to get it ....Congratz ur just another i dont care hang. A. Long.. Change or let others change but u fear change so u give em bad names just do all the people that try to make a change a favor and kill urself . Cause there are people that believe in what they are doing and writing.

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Coraxo says2013-10-28T21:31:13.117
I think that with consciousness comes responsibility.
If you mean with strive, doing what we've been doing for the last couple of years, no.

We've got the ability to make decisions that impact our life in the long-run.
We know that a lot of things we're doing today are either pointless or unnecessary.

We've got the ability to think about those turns, it's our responsibility to not destroy this planet or any other of it's inhabitants.
We shouldn't take more than we need, or do things that are unnecessary which cause harm.

Currently, no.
But that's just from my perspective.
No one's obliged to do that, and since we can, we may.

We can nuke places, torch forests and all of that.
We're able to do so, so we may do so.
That doesn't fit my perspective of reality, and if I could change it, I would.

This world would be so much more interesting if we had a species to compete with on intellectual grounds.
A species that could burn down our cities and irradiate our crops with technology.
We'd probably disagree with that species too, so why not disagree with our own species?