• Illuminati controler of world

    Illuminati ia control the world its true that illuminTi is control the world and he wants the rule of evil not the god . Ex in us dinald trumph is win in ellections but no one gove him vote no 9ne think that he became new american president and in india no one thik that modi wins the ellection in lucknow

  • For so the lowly devil exists, so does the illuminati exists.

    For the illuminati does not exists by just one race or culture alone, but by groups of people of many races and cultures. However, all these people have one common bond and that is that they all worship and believe in the abominations of self and the lowly one; satan. For by this they are all united against the greater good for themselves and all people. The majority of people in high level government, corporate, military and police organizations worldwide, do not have the best interest's of all and seek for the demise and death of many as they profit from such. The key is for GOD's people to discern who is on GOD's side and unite to protect themselves and the people who don't know better. This is a spiritual battle on many levels, but can be won for the good of all.

  • Yes it does,

    You want to know why food taste diffrent from the store and you actully growing it. They put things in are food that are posion. And controll our minds by calling drugs medicine if we are ill we just get more sick. And there is no color in skin it is a illuion the world is actully has no color for it is color clear the goverment does not tell us they want more chaos. They controll us also by televion they controll our minds with that and our divces they say we are there slaves secretly for there goal is to distroy. I am only a 11 year old girl but that does not mean i will be controlled too.

  • I live in swisscheeserlandtown

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  • Because i have a big cock

    FMD F

  • They do control the world

    Thdy control thr banks and the conomy they are so strong they don't even care that people are laughing at them with all the "ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED" and all that bullshit, hell even their symbol appeara on the backside of a 1 US Dollar they are more powerful than you might think.

  • P3n15 is dank

    Illuminati confirmed get rekt m8 ii ii iii ii i iii ii i i i i i i i i ii ii i i iiii ii i ii i i i i ii i i iiiiiiiiii ii i i i ii i i i i iiiii ii i i i

  • Yes they do

    I will destroy them completely. Attack them where they are weak, not strong. Attack with a ferocity that they cannot ignore and also cannot win against. They have strength in money and institutions. Work around this. Do it like a shadow follows a person, where they cannot escape. It'll all be over soon. :P

  • The rule of three

    Do you not see it....Three is the number of sides and angle of a triangle and it is everywhere. Illuminati has three syllables, there is three I s and there is an eye in the middle of the triangle.
    They operate in National Oceanic because it is a triangle and they take people who know to much to the bermuda triangle where they brain-wash them and sending them to other countries where they will never see their families again. Act quickly or they will consume our minds from our weak bodies.

  • God had warned us of this control

    It all stared when sin entered the world, and satan was given (just temporially) the earth to control. Satan started to then do his thing. Corupt all that he can in a short time. And he is suceeding... Look at all he has gotten into. Music, media, started all sort or secret evil sociaties( the illuminati) and many many other ways he slithered his evil way into. But our holy god will stop this very soon, our lord and saviour is coming to get back this earth and restore it to once it was, before sin entered it. Hes going to crush the head of satan. Oh how these members of such evil sociaties think they are so smart, but they are leading themselves right to hell. Pray for these people they need our prayers...Remember its not the person whos doing the sin god hates for he loves us all its the sin he hates.....

  • We are in control

    We control our own lives. If we think for even a second that some secret society controls us, then we must not exist. I have been starting to study conspiracy theories, and I don't believe this one is true. Maybe there are strange happenings on this earth, but that just may because we exaggerate what we see.

  • We don't exist

    It is just too obvious. We DO NOT exist, we DO NOT control the world...
    Seriously, I am just kidding. If you're reading this you're probably already convinced that they exist and when you started reading this you figured I was one of them. It would be useless to say I'm not. They might exist. The only certain thing is that you lost 5 minutes of your life reading this useless comment.

  • Noob as fuck

    Dude Juesus Mohamad are our savers not that "omg illumnatii (i dont kno how to spell) made me suck my dick no!Its not true its fake God exist and he/she helps us so stop bieng a pussy who belives every thing fredy faz bear,illumenati-all these bull shit is fake its just fantisy ppl made up this is not a my little poney friend ship is magic that the music can controll ppl to being a douche bag and being friends

  • Because I say so

    Well I say to you all, there is no such thing as the Illuminati controlling the world, I'm not saying they don't exist, all I am saying is that the Illuminati controlling everything is about as likely as a god (other than the all might Flying Spaghetti Monster) existing. Get Rekt Scrubs, just drink mountain Dew

  • The Illeumnati don't exist

    The Illuminati ar a ficticious organization, created to sell books and create conspiracy theories. The Illuminati are a group from many centuries ago, however they cease to exist today, but for in history. There is no legitimate basis to believe that the Illuminati control the world, because evidence shows that the Illuminati was a short-lived group, no longer around today. The Illuminati does not control the world.

  • Only Almighty GOD Does

    Only Almighty God controls the whole world, not the Masons. God has the wisdom behind the existence of illuminati and reason why it can influence the world. In my opinion, it is nothing more than a test for us believers of God. So many people who is not deep in faith will be attracted by them and goes astray.

  • No. The Illuminati may have the power of persuasion and influence, but it does not control the world.

    The people retain all power in every social structure to be found. Whether these social structures are labelled 'Constitutional Monarchy', 'Republic of ...', 'Communist', they are all, in their purest sense, a democracy. All societies follow one keystone principle: majority rule. Thomas Jefferson himself advocated "the fundamental principle of [a common government of associated States] is that the will of the majority is to prevail", in all cases! The key to a just society is the proper education and enlightenment of its people. The Illuminati may be able to enlighten through influence, but the power does, and always will, remain in the hands of the people.

  • The Illuminati does not control the world

    It makes me very sad to think that someone in the world would actually ask this as a serious question. To think that there is some kind of a secret shadow organization controlling the world is more than just a little ridiculous. We are not a bunch of idiots. There is no such group.

  • This is just stupid in it's own right.

    Yes, a man did try to take over the world with human's with powerful pull in their places in their community. Did it happen though. No. We wouldn't be such diverse as a world if this existed, Everyone would believe and live the same exact way. Now hip hop stars are supposedly in this. I doubt that, there are people that have been mentioned to be apart of that that maybe over a billion people never even heard of. Come on now it's not rocket science. Also with rebelling the world would collapse if this existed.

  • They Do Not Control Anything

    The Illuminati does not control the world. There are many people around the globe with a lot of influence and power, but they are not part of the Illuminati. That term is something people just made up to justify why someone is successful and they are not. It is stupid.

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