• It's way to dangerous!

    The internet today is crazy, you want something than all you have to do is type it up and hundreds of results come up including bad images that little ones could be looking at or watching bad stuff, that is why I support the internet is more bad than useful.

  • The Internet sucks

    The internet is more bad than good because on youtube a very popular person named logan paul made a suicide video and it influenced over 10 million people and also their is inappropriate images on the internet and I always have to make sure my son isnt on bad websites. I hope u agree

  • Of cauraw it does

    The Internet does more harm than good it's just that people don't realize it and it is becoming a big problem the Internet is destroying people's brains by the second the Internet is used for cyber-terrorism it is also destroying civilasatin with no writing the can not be any civilised people

  • More harm than good

    People cant get off their phones! D d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

  • It brings more harm than good

    Because of Internet youth are getting addicted, they always sit down and put their faces in to the computer. One of the most famous of the internet is pornography that children suppose not to see, but now look. The mind of the youth are somehow dirty. Their minds evolve through the words that they see in the internet

  • Our your young minds

    If they do not do homework who will be the net president and the government will be so wick some people will sturve, instead of the technology going up it will go down back to where we started in the 18s meaning our next generation will not function if we teach them how to use the enternet wisely

  • The Internet affects our results in school!!!!!!!!!

    Children might start using the Internet for homework rather than there brain which might affect there results in school so they might start taking it for granted!
    If we go on the Internet and start doing homework we will sometimes think oh lets just play for about 5 minutes but we then get so addicted we play for like 2 hours so that does us harm and we get these games of the Internet!
    This doesn't mean don't play games any more it just means play games when you need to and study when u need to.

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  • YES!!!! Internet is very important for us.......

    It helps us in many ways some of them are it can help us in communication, also saves our times, it helps us to know what is going around the world, sometimes we can book ur tickets online and download software etc..Etc...... So, Internet Is Very Important in ur lives

  • The internet is what drives our Civilization

    The internet is more significant than many of you may think. It is obvious that we take the internet for granted. The internet is what gives us a much easier way of stressing our ideas, and it makes the world much smaller. Think about it, without the internet you wouldn't be able to go online and buy that cool laser pointer most of you mislead ignorant fools love to play with. Without the internet, much innovation would disperse such as BLOCKCHAIN, and cryptocurrrencies. It also allows people to get a millions of sources of info within milliseconds. For Pete's sake you and I wouldn't even be arguing our ideas if it wasn't for the internet. The internet is what truly brought us to the information era, and we should appreciate this simple gift given to us by our biological neocortex.

  • The Internet is beneficial

    People on the opposing team to me say the internet is not beneficial when they were on the internet when they were writing that paragraph.So do not oppose when you yourself are on the internet,and for gosh darn it....Its the 21st century WAKE UP PEOPLE....Thank you for taking the time to read my side of the debate.

  • It is Helpful in saving the time

    We can get online products of any brand instead of going to super market and wasting time they can do other works in the same time instead of going to markets etc . So it saves our time .So it is helpful in saving the time . Thank you my friends ,so i hope that you will understand my opinion or compliment

  • Don't use Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Internet is not useful to us because we know that if children allowed to use internet parents have no idea that from whom their children talk.The children may not know from someone whom dangerous.In internet pornography is very easily available.We may argue that parents should keep an eye that what there children see and from whom they talk

  • No that is not true

    I will defend that the internet brings vastly more benefits than losses. Attribuiting these negative impacts on the internet is the same as saying that the advent of the alphabet allowed people to write insults and therefore is a bad thing. From curing disease to dealing with house bugs every area of expertise can now be accessed and improved in the comfort of your own house and that is a great thing

  • It's useful all around the world!

    The internet brings people from all around this amazing world together. I probably would't know half the people I do if I didn't have the internet. We are also learning more than we ever would have without it. I mean, the internet gives millions of people access to information they would not otherwise have had, which is a gigantic benefit.

  • No it brings good.

    We as people communicate through technology at this era. We use technology to gain information as well as re connect with old friends and make new ones. The internet makes everyday life easier too. I think the internet was a great step in technology and we should be more mature than to think that the military created it to spy on us

  • It is very useful!!!

    It can bring people people from different countries and/or cultures together and also it allows people t o understand how other people feel about the world or how they understand the world.Without the internet we could not be debating this subject right now a s we don' t where each other of us live.

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