• Calling Names To Girls

    I think i have seen a lot of sexims in internet such as youtube comments calling girls as slut,bitches and even thots because of the meme.If there is a girl in comment section there is always someone wants to push theme away.I do agree a lot of sexims did happen in real life

  • Calling Names To Girls

    I think i have seen a lot of sexims in internet such as youtube comments calling girls as slut,bitches and even thots because of the meme.If there is a girl in comment section there is always someone wants to push theme away.I do agree a lot of sexims did happen in real life

  • Yes because of basement dwellers:

    I think the internet has a lot of sexists is because of the people it attracts. Most people who frequently visit the online forums, comment sections and other places to share their opinion are men. Of these men, a sizable amount have lower than average social skills and social contact, including contact with women. This leads to dehumanizing them as "others" and falling for stereotypes.
    A prominent example would be the serial killer Elliot Rodgers, who frequently visited the bodybuilding.Com and PUAhate.Com forum where he was indoctrinated into deeply sexist beliefs.

  • 9gag sexism is bad

    On every 9gag post someone says things like "make me a sandwich" or other more disgusting things to any female commenting her opinion. It makes me sick. They also legitimatelt believe that women are way too emotion and are less intelligent than men.

    Thw worst thing is that they call all women who stand up for themselves "feminazis"
    I just want to say that this is from a man.

  • Feminazis have made men sexist again

    Men are putting women down and playing the victim. It's stupid, and it's because of radical feminists. Men, I get that they're wrong, but that's no excuse to target all women. Treat everyone like human beings. Everyone is being hypocritical, so I gave up. I can't take it. Done with this crap.

  • Beyond What Words Can Express

    Even as a man, I have nothing against women. Yes, I have myself witnessed so much sexism everywhere I visit on the Internet. For example, on YouTube, a lot of people spoke so much hate towards one of Bill Cosby's rape victims and supported the fact that she was raped. Also, two video game critics and feminists had received an abundant amount of death and rape threats, most of it coming from high-school kids! The amount of sexism I have seen is beyond overwhelming. Not just sexism, but bullying in general. I guess people feel like they're God and are thus powerful behind the Internet, not aware of the fact that they're still caught doing it. Men who bully women will use the excuse, "America is a free country. We have the freedom of speech!" I am disgusted by this. As a man, I say that men like those give my gender a bad name. Yeah, we do live in a free country; but everything in life, including freedom, has consequences. I feel bad for all of the women who are being cyber-bullied and verbally molested. I will say that a huge percentage of men today are idiots. They fail to understand that women can be hurt just as easily as we can. So, sexism in the Internet, I think people just need to unplug and once in a while start acting humane.

  • Definitely there is.

    Yes, there is. If I look up anti-sexism memes, I find the vast sexist hate-land the internet has become. These sexist idiots who think feminism is man hating are wrong. I like men. If I personally need a boyfriend like a fish needs a bicycle, it's my own freaking decision. Even worse: when people say the only people who give a damn about misogyny are ugly. It makes me sick.

  • Yes, sexism is rampant on the internet.

    I am part of a political forum to talk about current events and also religious groups. For years I had an account where my gender was not specified. You could either not specify or click male or female. Usually females do not specify because they know they might have to deal with comments. But I put up another account where I specified myself as male. The difference is extreme. As a male I get more likes and positive comments on the things I write. As a female those same comments got deleted or bashed.

  • Worst offenders: reddit and YouTube comments

    It is hard to ignore it is a problem. Anonymity and echo chambers exacerbate the problem. If you want some evidence, look at YouTube's with a woman given her opinion on something and read the comments. On reddit, look at TheRedPill sub. Misogyny is a huge component of some corners of the Internet.

  • Yes indeed- and against women (mostly)

    I sincerely hope that the deeply sexist comments made about women on even the most mundane of Youtube videos (for example) or on news articles about women's sports or feminist topics are written by young kids. Anywhere I go on the net, I find some of the most horrifically misogynistic comments, sometimes masked in "psuedo-scientific" exteriors (for example, to justify rape or that women are hopeless at certain fields which is proving to be absolutely untrue and quite the contrary in fact- in fact as a women, I excel at traditionally "male" things and so do more and more women who dare to enter male-dominated professions). I must pretend to be a male when I write comments in order to be taken seriously. It is a shame, and I suspect that many women on the net do also post as men. Too bad.

  • Ignore it, simple.

    Sexism doesn't just happen to women, it happens to men as well. Additionally, sexism has been going on for thousands of years, it's even present in Greek mythology. We choose to ignore gender stereotyping and image in television, movies, music, etc; So, why can't we ignore it from the web?

  • No it does not

    The internet has its fair share of sexists towards both genders (as can be seen on this poll), but then again it also has its fair share of extremists, bullies, hackers, etc. There is no sexism problem, it would be a problem if it was filled with sexists, however it is not, and there are only a few of those people who give everyone else a bad image.

    I also, as usual, see people referring to sexism only aimed at woman. Don't be naive, it DOES exist both ways on the internet.

  • No, it represents the population

    The internet itself is not sexist. Just because people who post things on the internet say sexist things does not mean that the internet itself is. These people are likely sexist in real life, which is why they post these things on the internet as well. Saying the internet is sexist is not accurate.

  • The Internet has no more sexism than reality.

    There is a lot of sexism on both sides of the aisle on the Internet, but this is no more so than the rest of reality. It also provides a template for people to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and to grow as human beings.

    I think that's maybe the biggest thing about it. As much of a problem as it is, sexism on the Internet has the potential to have a net positive effect as people explore their ideas and the reasons for their opinions.

  • No, the internet is not the problem.

    How can a "thing" be a problem? The problem is with those behind the scenes. When you get behind one computer screen and put your fingers on that keyboard, you are making the choice to play sexist games. The internet is simply a program designed by man, and there is nothing sexist about it.

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