• How could it not exist?

    The United States is power thirsty. They need control and obedience in order to strive. So far, we're doing exactly what they want. They find excuses and distractions in order to invade other countries, and we pay no attention to it or dont act towards it. There isn't much time until we see New World Order in action then i'd like to see everyone still support the government and brush off these "Conspiracy Theories".

  • Courtesy of Denmark

    Probably the only country that brutally insists on holding on to a former colony with no mercy. Plus the name of Denmark implies the Antichrist. Tribe of Dan = Danmark (in Danish). I believe this will be the country that ushers in the Antichrist. Breaking God's righteous laws one by one.

  • New World Order Exists!!!

    The New World Order exists and they are acting right now. We are closer than we have ever been. There will be a new government and it will control every country on earth. They will take away all your rights and if you rebel, they will kill you. They watch over us all the time and they are making the economy go down so they can implement a world currency.

  • No, it doesn't.

    The New World Order is just another conspiracy theory. Governments are traditionally not very good at keeping secrets under wraps and some credible evidence would have been bound to surface in all this time that this theory has been kicked around. Also the US and the UN are frequently at odds and I have a hard time believing they could cooperate to make this happen.

  • No its a scam

    Its a scam used by the rich to prevent inflation, since inflation harms them and its good for the masses. Traditionally the only political parties creating inflation are left.
    Reason why capitalist parties are considerd right wing... They want deflation so they get richer at the expense of the masses.

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