• The NRA has too many senators in bed with them!

    The NRA knows they are evil! The NRA uses their big money to coerce weak knee Congress, representatives, and Washington DC leaders so they (NRA) can continue to make big money. The NRA are Terrorists to our United States of America. Why in the world does the NRA want to kill Americans with assault weapons and hardly no background checks?

  • Yes, the NRA has a powerful lobby.

    My guess is that the NRA is very powerful when I observe the very bad consequences of ubiquitous gun ownership and yet laws to regulate and control guns are constantly challenged or brushed to the side. It is hard to imagine someone in Congress being able to see the unnecessary violence in this country and still rationally support the notion that we need a well-armed public to protect ourselves. It has to be about money and special interests.

  • No, the NRA does not have too much influence on America.

    The NRA has been very beneficial in their views on guns in America. However, they do not have a great deal of influence. Their influence is only minimal even though it is absolutely necessary. There are many other groups that have a much larger influence in America then the NRA does.

  • The NRA's power is proportional to their support from the American public.

    It is popular for gun opponents to attack the NRA since it is the most visible pro-gun organization. The NRA is indeed powerful, but only because so many Americans support the NRA's mission. The NRA's power is simply a reflection of the opinions of the majority of Americans, who generally support the Second Amendment.

  • The NRA Doesn't Have That Much Influence

    The NRA has influence, but not as much as people think. Certainly not enough for people to be worried about them. The NRA's job is to protect out Second Amendment. Due to this, they are more dependent on the people than we are on them. If people want more or less armory in the country, it will happen and the NRA won't have much to say about it.

  • Not enough

    The NRA sells its members down the river whenever its politically beneficial. There job is to protect the second amendment which means the right to own enough firepower to overthrow the federal government. The NRA doesn't fight for the weapons we need. Arms and armor to realistically stand a chance against the Army not hunting rifles meant to look like real guns.

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