• Hasn't it always?

    The cliched, generic way of the male heading to work, doing construction, making and paying the bills. While the wife stays home and cares for the children, does the dishes, and has adultery with your neighbor. We've all heard the stories and you have too, yes it exists, yes it's common, and furthermore, yes the woman can rule the house too.

  • No, not In America at least.

    The term "Patriarchy" is just a boogeyman term used by certain feminist to blame men for their problems. You're a strong woman, you're NOT a victim. The only thing you're doing is alienating men when you use this term. It's degrading to yourself and to men, so knock it off. Instead of complaining about it DO something about it. The law legally protects your equality. Now in 3rd world countries that's another story, so instead of knit-picking in America why don't you focus you're time preaching equality there where it is needed?

  • Not for long

    While we still live in patriarchal society, much like our the history of the society was formally a matriarchal society. This changed for unknown reasons but nonetheless a change of this is inevitable in the near future, whether this change be to full control or will for the first time in humans and animal history, two sex's will share power.

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