Does the Patriot Act violate American civil liberties?

  • Yes, the Patriot Act violates our civil liberties in America.

    Of course, with terrorism as a possibility, the Patriot Act was passed in order to see if it could be headed off. In doing that, though, we have seen a number of rights of American citizens violated. We no longer assume privacy in almost any venue, and are not surprised to know that the government is watching us all the time.

  • Patriot Act violates American civil liberties

    The Patriot Act violates civil liberties by enabling unwarranted wire tapping leading to abuse by authorities, under the pretense of curbing terrorism. Although it's unknown how far reaching the abuse really goes, information concerning the unconstitutional violation of civil rights by the NSA, DEA and other security administrations is constantly being revealed by the media.

  • No, it does not go against our civil liberties.

    Any one can be a terrorist, even the members of Al-Qaeda were once innocent. If we want to stop 9-11 from happening again we need to continue this. Even so you must make the choice: Do you want to have what seems like an infringement on your civil liberties or would you rather take your own stand against these terrorist groups and most likely wind up dead?

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