• Yes, you really don't think Trump will be constantly reminding the voters that Clinton is "being investigated" by the FBI? I guess he will.

    If Americans can’t see these “Top Secret” emails, and the State Department and other agencies refuse to show the public what they contain, then FBI and Justice Department indictments are likely imminent. Nobody in U.S. history, since the invention of email, has acted in the manner of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

  • Yes, it is important to have transparency in certain aspects of the government.

    I believe that once the emails have been declassified, the public should be able to see the contents of the emails. It is important to know exactly how important or classified the information she was communicating was because it passed through an unsecured server. Critical information could have possibly been extracted from the emails. At the same time, if all the emails are benign, it speaks to her judgement by not using the server for classified information.

  • The public needs to see Hillary Clinton's emails

    The public absolutely needs to see Hillary Clinton's emails in order to ensure transparency, and to prove once and for all, what she has been telling the public, that she has done nothing wrong. If that is the case, she should not be stonewalling at every turn. This matter goes directly to the heart or her honesty and integrity.

  • No, Clinton's emails may contain classified information.

    No, the public does not need to see Hillary Clinton's emails. The issue of the emails Clinton sent and received on a personal server have caused a great deal of debate about whether or not she compromised national security. The major issue is whether or not a hacker managed to obtain classified information from the emails. If they were released to the public the information that is supposedly important enough to put CIA agents in danger would be out there for the world to see. This would truly pose a risk to national security.

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