Does the Roman Catholic Church need to be more vigilant about child pornography among its priests?

  • Catholic Church should protect their children!

    Pornography can lead to a skewed view of sex, and this is a dangerous concern among priests or anyone who is viewing pornography. In addition, since there are so many Catholic schools, many priests also have access to young children. Any kind of sexual abuse can scar a child for life, especially if coming from someone in spiritual authority. Protect Catholic children and monitor what priests are doing!

  • One act of child pornography is too many

    Yes, the Catholic Church should be more vigilant about child pornography among its priests. Child pornography is a horrible act and should be abolished everywhere. Catholic priests in particular are in an important position as leaders of their congregations as well as role models to children. In this position, they need to be vetted and watched carefully.

  • Yes, the Catholic Church needs to be vigilant about child pornography.

    Yes, the Roman Catholic Church has an obligation to itself and its members to be vigilant about child pornography. Considering the history of pedophile priests and the shameful cover-ups perpetrated by high-ranking church officials, it is vital to monitor and discourage further transgressions among the clergy. By keeping close watch on the priests, "bad apples" with pedophile tendencies can be flagged early and possibly spare real-life victims down the road.

  • Catholic priests had a high reverence but it has been perishing now

    Priests are considered to be the representatives of God and church gives them high respect but when a priest's name involved in the scams like sexual abuses it really spoil the church and believers tend to denounce their faith when they are being criticized for the wrong behaviors of the their church leaders.

  • The Roman Catholic Church should be more vigilant

    The Roman Catholic Church should be more vigilant rather than protecting its priests. The Catholic church has paid dearly in lawsuits over the years from sex abuse victims. You would think they would learn how to instill rules against child pornography already. They need to have spy systems on the priests' computers just as they do at workplaces.

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