• We need peace

    We need protection because it can save our self from anybody y that trying to hurt you like trying to rape you or in any kind of way.
    Guns can hurt others and can cause death and others are lucky to survive, why do people do this. We want peace in this world. Why

  • Hell yeah if does

    We need gun to keep us protected, for example if someone is trying to steal something or break into your house, what are they gonna fear if there is no guns? What’s gonna keep them out? How are you gonna protect yourself and your loved ones? I stand with the 2nd!

  • Yes the 2nd amendment still apply

    I know that will argue and say that many people died from guns. I believe that guns is for self defense. I had many saying that the Constitution is fake and which is not true. I will not let someone take away my life by killing me. Rights will never be taken away.

  • It is relevant

    Without firearms the government would have to reason to be afraid of their citizens. They could easily have an uprising and change our government to a dictatorship. Without citizens with weapons we could do nothing about it. Also if someone is being robbed they have a way to protect themselves.

  • Does the Second Amendment Still Apply Today: An Intellectual Perspective

    Justice is a funny thing, wherein John Locke's theory of Relativity towards the Categorical Imperative, he takes a rather Hobbesian approach to the subject. The Marxist ideology expressed towards the Second Amendment towards the Botswanan constitution rectifies the fact that capitalism really does end the bourgeoisie, and thus gun rights are to be permeated.

  • YES, Second is GREAT!!!

    I think that this is relevant today, people get harmed, if they have guns they might be a bit safer. There are plenty of reasons why not to ether, so check out the NO, side and give them a chance. With the good there is always bad. So we will never really be safe.

  • We need them in everyday life.

    If someone tries to harm us or threaten us we have our weapon to protect our self, but if we didn't have our guns then we would be completely helpless in this situation. Even the strongest person or biggest person can't really do much with a gun pointed at them.

  • We need them in everyday life.

    If someone tries to harm us or threaten us we have our weapon to protect our self, but if we didn't have our guns then we would be completely helpless in this situation. Even the strongest person or biggest person can't really do much with a gun pointed at them.

  • Guns should still be used, just higher background checks.

    I am a proud Democratic Clinton supporter, and I still think we need our guns. There are higher crime rates now, and while most of the criminals use guns, if we just do higher background checks, or stop children from getting guns, and things like that, than the people that won't rob banks and kill people can't get the guns. The gun doesn't kill the person, the person does. A human cannot make a bench without tools, and a gun is just a tool for killing. A serial killer could do just a little less damage with a knife instead of a gun. And if we ban guns, well, when we banned alcohol, people started illegally buying beer and wine and selling alcohol too. People will just continually buy guns off the black market if we ban it. Someone insane will not get a gun if we do background checks, but a hunter or a person who wants to protect himself in the inner city should be able to get a gun. And plus, most gun deaths are suicides, and most of those are children. If we stop children and people who might have suicidal thoughts from getting guns, than the gun deaths in America will drastically decrease.

  • The second amendment is valid.

    This is because we, as people, shall always have the rights to own and carry our own firearm. We should be able to protect ourselves if necessary. We need to be able to say that we can protect our home, ourselves, and most importantly, we should be able to protect our family.

  • No, the second amendment no longer applies.

    When the second amendment was written ,the military and civilians had similar firearms; the amendments man purpose was to help people defend themselves against corrupt government, but with the advancements in military technology and spending since World War Two this has become impossible. An AR 15 doesn't stand a chance against a city destroying nuclear missile and a 9mm cannot take down a multibillion dollar F22 Raptor. With the Us spending over $400 billion a year on the military the thought of civilian defense against it is becoming futile.

  • No, the second amendment is no longer relevant.

    The second amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was written hundreds of years ago, at a time when there was no way that the founding fathers could have imagined the challenges we currently face. I believe that if they were around today to see the problems we're having with guns, they wouldn't have a problem with enacting serious gun control laws.

  • Law abiding citizens

    Every gun owner is a law abiding citizen........ Until they use a gun in the commission of a crime. The more "law abiding" gun owners there are the more likely they are to use that gun in the commission of a crime. Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.

  • The second amendment does not apply today.

    The framers of the constitution did not anticipate modern fire arms. In the time of the foundation of the government, guns were slow and inaccurate. Also, people genuinely needed guns to protect themselves from wild animals in rural parts of the country. Today, the second amendment is anachronistic and it should be repealed.

  • British are Allies

    The 2nd Amendment was written when we feared the British were going to attack us (again). The British are no longer going to attack us, as they are our allies. Therefore, the 2nd Amendment is no longer valid. The only fears we have is North Korea attacking us, but a gun can't defend against a nuke!

  • Goal of 2nd Amendment no long necessary

    There are two realities that surround the 2nd Amendment. First is the original intent and second is the resulting deification of the 2nd amendment as a fundamental right of liberty.

    The 2nd Amendment was an enumeration of a state's right. The Federalist believed it was unneccesary because the 10th amendment secured for the states, those rights not reserved for the federal government. The federal government did not reserve for itself through the constitution, plenary powers over state militia's and fire arms.
    The modern reality is that state militia's are no longer necessary and with them the 2nd amendment. The US now has a proper armed force in the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

    Over time, the right to bear arms has become synonymous with American liberty. This ingrown idolatry would have confounded the founders, save perhaps for the ones who wanted to limit voting to land owners because they felt only landowners could afford access to education. The founders were a product of the age of enlightenment. They understood and presumed we would also understand, that the key to liberty is an educated participatory citizenry. A great example of confusing guns for liberty can be found in the adoption of 17th amendment. Under the 17th amendment, the federal government took away the state's rights to select the senators from that state. If ever there was a proper opportunity for the state militias and gun owners to employ their 2nd amendment rights for liberty and state sovereignty, it would have been to rebel agains this federal overreach. But because we we're on the front porch, polishing our barrels, looking for red coats and jack boots on the horizon, instead of educating and participating in governance, the federal government emasculated our state's rights.
    It is perverse then, that the only right we're willing to protect, is the right to bear arms. The 4th and 5th amendments have been shredded. State rights shrunk. And that's ok. Just don't take our guns?

  • No it doesn't

    400 years ago things were different. In modern day it does not apply. I am not seeing gun owners as bad people but defy ownership takes one bad thing out of psycho people.
    You can defend yourself when at home but what if your kid is at school or a venue where mass shooting occurs. If you love your children please support the ban.

  • We have enough security in today's world

    In addition to a more effective and fast acting police compared to when the 2nd amendment was formed, today there are not as many rural areas as we did back then. Police can actually get to an emergency a lot faster, our homes can be equipped with security system and many more deterrents. MORE GUNS MEANS MORE VIOLENCE. Statistics can easily prove this. Look at how Australia reduced gun violence since 1996.

  • More harm than good

    The need to protect yourself from a tyrannical government is theoretically relevant, but highly improbable. The pain caused by the existence of guns in society is real, and of epidemic proportions.
    No amount of fallacious grandstanding (ie guns don't kill...) changes the reality that guns cause obscene amounts of actual harm, all to protect against an insignificant theoretical risk.
    However, you would have to get rid of ALL the guns, or you could make things worse. At a practical level, what chance of that?

  • Well Regulated Militia

    The people are not a citizen Militia anymore. The right to bear arms for that purpose is no longer valid. We have a modern advanced police force and military for those purposes. The right to bear arms for the protection of your home, lives and property should be preserved with a limitation on what guns one can purchase for that purpose. The problem is guns of all kinds are being taken into the public domain and people are shooting other people making the lives of Americans unsafe. Guns for protection must remain locked up in the home. This idea that citizens must protect against a rogue regime takeover is ridiculous today t. No citizen group will ever defeat the military so that argument is no longer valid.

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