Does the shooting of an autistic man's caretaker prove that most police officers are racist?

  • I'm not sure, but it certainly looks that way

    Until there are more details about the incident, it's pretty easy to conclude it was based on race. The video is pretty stark. You can clearly see the man with his arms up, lying on the ground, and you can clearly see the autistic man next to him. The victim went to retrieve his patient who was playing with a toy in the street. He stated that he complied with the police requests, and after they shot him, they cuffed him and left him on the ground. What do you think?

  • No, not exactly. T

    The shooting of the black cartaker was because of racism, but it does not prove that most police officers are racist. Instaead it proves that some police officers are racist, and that this is a problem because they are still allowed to handle deadly weapons as a part of their job.

  • it proves there is a problem

    Even though the shooting of the autistic man's caretaker as he held his hands up and explained plainly that the autistic man was holding a train not anything threatening and he was there to help, I'm not convinced in this case it is racism. I think some officers are poorly trained. Even if the officer felt some kind of threat why is the first thought to shoot to kill. It is this kind of idiocy that is making attorneys rich. I'm sure this officer will be fired quickly because he has a problem. When the man asked him why he shot him, he literally said "I don't know". He has to go. This is not the job for him.

  • It's one incident.

    There is no way that one shooting or even a few shootings proves that most police officers are racist. Sure, there are some bad apples in any group, but most police officers do anything possible to protect people, even people who would never be willing to do the same for them.

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