• Genetic Tricks concept

    Nowadays the technology is sufficient to eliminate entire mosquitoes, why i say that,as i used to saw a news before ,the scientist said we actually can eliminate those mosquitoes but it take a long period to success , we can breed a modify mosquitoes which had been transform via genetic,damage their producetive system or something else, make this new modify mosquitoes cant reproduce it self take over the orgin mosquitoes , so we can step by step ,slowly decrease the amount of mosquitoes.

    According to the news, it says the concept of using Genetic elminate mosquitoes, the idea would be like that, develop some type of genetic strain that's similar to an insecticide but doesn't have the non-target effects that insecticides have.This developed technologies that allow scientists to put DNA into the mosquito species. This case, they are called aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus. And so they use microinjection techniques to put genes in there. And then when those genes are active they can actually cause the mosquitoes to die or be infertile.
    Scientists also consider how to catch the mosquitoes, there are around 500 million mosquitoes? And they figure out that they can developed technologies that could rapidly move genes through populations. And so that the mate with the mild mosquitoes and those genes will spread very rapidly through the population. So we use genetic tricks to get the genes to spread.

    On the other hand, if we did it ,maybe will cause butterfly effect

  • Genetic Engineering and Chemical Control

    The advent of our ability to genetically modify mosquitoes, combined with our demonstrated ability to control populations with chemical control, has provided us with the tools to eliminate mosquitoes. First, we have the ability to selectively modify the mosquito genome to make it more susceptible to disease and more receptive to chemical control; this would require us to insert modified mosquitoes into the natural population. As the genetics of the mosquito population become weak and possibly unsustainable, we can significantly affect populations through chemical means. On a long enough timeline, the genetically weak mosquitoes could possibly be eliminated.

  • I do not believe a technology to elimnate all mosquitoes exists yet.

    While our technologies have advanced greatly, I do not think that sufficient technology exists that is capable of eliminating the Earth's entire mosquito population. With billions of mosquitoes in this world, it is hard to imagine a technology that would be able to eliminate an entire species without adversely impacting other species as well.

  • No, eliminating one species has a domino effect that will eventually lead back to us humans.

    I think we probably couldn't kill every mosquito. Even if we could, they would be replaced by some other insect. The American Mosquito Control Association warns against trying: "Be advised that species replacing mosquitoes may be even worse." Eliminating one species has a domino effect that will eventually lead back to us humans. Eliminating mosquitoes may eliminate several other species that form part of the food chain, eventually leading to failed crops. Also the series of events can lead to other catastrophic events like loss of forest cover leading to climate change, natural deforestation etc.,

  • No I dont believe the technology exist.

    While I am sure we have advanced technology to combat and defend ourselves against mosquitoes and virus outbreaks, i am not sure we have the technology to completely do away with them. The best way to fight mosquitoes is to make the public aware of how they multiply and invest in medicine to fight diseases they cause.

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