• Evolution has been proven, theism debunked: a recent fossil discovery unearthed in Utah clearly demostrates the flying spaghetti monster used to be a lung fish.

    Proof there is no god: biology: single cell, multicelluar, dna, evolution, chemistry: your made of carbon. Carbon was created in the stars. The stars were created after the plasma from the big bang cooled, turned into H, He-gravity, fusion....And 13,700,000,000 here we are. Cosmology: the universe is expanding, earth like planets are common, cosmic microwave background, cosmological constant, physics: atoms, relativity, quantum, fundamentals of everything, and finally:what has theology brought our species: talking snakes, floods, genocide, faith, hatred, sin, shame, rapture, fear, hell, ignorance, control, abuse, and of course war.

  • In most cases, yes.

    The two biggest religions in the US and the world at large are Islam and Christianity. Both of those religions share material about how the world was created from the torah, or specifically, the section of the Torah christians call the book of Genesis. These books say that God created the world in 7 days 10,000 years ago. However, it takes much longer than 10,000 years for evolution to occur, and the Bible implies people were made fully formed instead of evolving from their common ancestor with apes.

  • It does not support or deny Santa, Tooth Fairy or God but it proves none of the prior created man or animal

    Every science provide evidence and positive reinforcement of evolution theory. Not even atomic theory has as much support and we numerous types of weapons and power sources that rely on E=MC(2). So far, all of the "evidence" supplied by creationist that I have reviewed was either a total misunderstanding and lack of knowledge or a total mischaracterization (lie) that uneducated just assume is true because it supports their core belief system. A person's core belief system has proven to be a very unreliable source of confirmation. Ask any court which carries more weight, an eye witness account or scientific evidence. Very few eyewitnesses can adequately correlate with their previous statements without practice.

  • It prompts critical thought

    Although the theory of evolution itself does not have any bearing on the existence (or otherwise) of a deity or deities, it does encourage the analysis of evidence to support a conclusion. It is a very robust theory, and - so far - has stood up to every test that has been applied. This makes it a convincing theory, and a convincing argument for the scientific method. The theory of evolution isn't special in this regard; most well-established scientific theories are equally compelling. Applied to other topics, the habit of seeking evidence makes the acceptance of beliefs merely on faith increasingly difficult. Since atheism is defined by the rejection of supernatural agency, I would argue that the theory of evolution, by virtue of its scientific basis, promotes the adoption of atheism as a corollary to an understanding of its derivation.

  • It promotes atheism by refuting mainstream theology

    I think it does promote atheism in a soft way. For most people religious opinion is not a matter of rational thought. Therefore evolution must not proove/suggest that there is no god but merely make the atheistic worldview more palatable. So while evolution itself does not touch the topic of god, it undermines the case for most classical religion and therefore does indirectly promote atheism.

  • Natural selection

    The theory of evolution is based entirely around things that happen in the natural world. While it acknowledges that there are mechanisms that are not yet understood, it also posits that there are entirely natural explanations for them, too. Any sort of "guided evolution" or other thing that starts to sound like intelligent design is not part of evolution. There is actually very little space within the theory for any sort of deity.

  • Evolution Worships the 'God of Adaptation'

    Most preach evolution like it's their religion, while only a few actually understand the theory. Those who preach evolution tend to make statements like "life adapts to the environment", and then promptly cite Natural Selection. These preachers worship the mysterious 'God of Adaptation', because pure evolutionists realize Natural Selection doesn't facilitate adaptation at all; it kills off the weak (it reduces genetic variation). Just like theists, preachy evolutionists worship some mysterious god of adaptation that they don't quite grasp (adaptation requires an increase of genetic variation in order to surpass previous limitations, which requires mutation & recombination, and the moment we discuss these ... Oh oh, now our preaching is subject to scrutiny and genetic problems and actual scientific investigation, and now we can't hide behind our preachy "evolution is undisputed fact" rhetoric anymore, can we? :) Happy Hanakkuh

  • Evolution Tries to Explain Things Through Science

    Evolution and religion do coexist without a problem. Evolution attempts to explain things using facts and raw data. Yet many tenets of religious thought have nothing to do with creationism. Religion and spirituality are so much more than teaching how humans came to be on this planet and how we evolved. For evolution to be discounted for religious reasons, and vice versa, is extremely limited thinking.

  • No I don't think the theory of evolution promotes atheism

    As I stated in an earlier question, evolution and creationism can both exist together in my opinion. Just because we may have evolved does not mean there isn't a God that created us. I believe both can be true. So no I don't think the theory of evolution promotes atheism necessarily, there's room for both a Creator and an evolving process I think.

  • I would say that perhaps at first glance it does.

    However just because evolution debunks the story of creation as according to the Bible, it doesn't mean that there is not still a force for creation or a guiding entity in all of the natural selection that has clearly occurred. I should add, I personally do not believe in God, but I do not believe that Christians and people of other faiths should see the theory of evolution as a personal attack on their beliefs.

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