• This is regulation

    All the big businesses fight regulation tooth and nail but the pharmaceutical companies are a great example why it's needed. They price gouge for no other reason than pure unadulterated greed, while giving themselves huge bonuses and raises. They have no conscience or empathy for the people who need their product for survival.

  • Yes it does

    The government needs to set price controls for some or most drugs otherwise the corporations will take control and increase the prices ridiculously and the poor people of America will be unable to pay for their life-saving drugs that they need to live. The government overall should have ultimate control of this.

  • Yes, the government must set price controls on many drugs.

    Yes, the government should set price controls on many drugs. If there are no price controls in place, pharmaceutical companies can increase costs overnight, negatively impacting the lives of those who depend on medications to survive. The government should uphold everyone's right to live, and one way to do so is by closely monitoring the price of life-saving drugs.

  • No, the U.S. government should not set price controls for some drugs.

    Legislating price controls on selected drugs in a free-market society is not the job of the U.S. government. It is a danger to capitalism, the corner stone of our country's wealth. Citizens should boycott high prices; other manufacturers should offer generic substitutes; but, the government needs to stay out of it. There are lots of people who cannot afford certain treatments, and that is a fact. It has always been a fact, even for cheap medicines. If they can't afford it, they can't buy it regardless of the price. Our government is becoming too big and too intrusive and needs to stay out of private enterprise.

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