Does the U.S. government social security program still meet the needs of the citizens of the United States?

  • The social security program just barely meets the needs of citizens.

    On current course, the social security program will be depleted soon, and
    will not be able to meet the needs of the people. If the government would
    cut back on a little waste and self-indulgence, they might be able to get
    the program back on track, so it can serve the people who fund it to begin

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • The Social Security program meets the needs of the people by providing a reliable security net.

    The Social Security program continues to meet the needs of the people. It is a reliable social safety net that provides survivor benefits to the spouse and dependent children, a disability program that provides benefits for those unable to work and a retirement program that will provide a basic level of support to retirees.

    Posted by: IincoAdam
  • Yes, as one who receives Social Security every month, I believe it does meet the needs of the people in our country, because it is the only income that a lot of senior citizens have.

    I believe Social Security benefits meet the needs of our senior citizens. I receive benefits myself and without this income, I would have to live below poverty level. Social Security benefits are the only income that many seniors have. Without these benefits, we would have more poverty than we already have.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Social security is a vital program that continues to provide necessary assistance to the elderly and those unable to care for themselves.

    Social security is vital to our health as a nation. Our elderly (and those who cannot care for themselves) need to be taken care of. However, the system does not run perfectly at present, and there's always room for improvement. At the moment, social security is doing the absolute best it can with the resources we are providing to it.

    Posted by: WeaverGreg
  • Social Security benefits are not enough

    SSI definitely doesn't pay enough, it totals $8400 a year, as of 2013. That's 66% of the gov't poverty level. SSDI pays more but still a lot less compared to how much that person was making at their job before they qualified for SSDI. What people forget is, 95% of the time, it's not the persons fault for becoming disabled whether it's at work or not. A lot of people become disabled due to the actions of another person, whether it's intentional or accidental, the majority of the cases like this, the victim becomes disabled and doesn't have the means to get the lawsuit compensation they rightfully deserve because our justice system is so messed up, overburdened, and strained. SSI beneficiaries get screwed because they become disabled before they get a chance to work and qualify for SSDI.

  • It doesn't even begin to meet the needs.

    Just the amount you get from Social Security does not even come close to what is needed to live. The problem is you have people that make so much money and would never have to worry about using Social Security making the decisions. Not one President, Senator or Congress person knows what it is like to live on so little or they are so far disconnected from living poor they cannot remember the true burden of it. So instead of overhauling SS they continue to raise their pay, their budgets and worry about less important things instead of taking care of the elderly and insuring they are taken care of.

  • It was passed under a treaty in the first place.

    First off the whole social security program is, under the law, VOLUNTARY. Now the government has agents that make you volunteer at gun point. The corporations and the people that run the have never read the law. There is not, and never was, a fund that you pay into for your retirement. The whole time you're paying in to social security is only to pay for the people who have retired already.

  • The United States' Social Security Program does not meet the needs of U.S. citizens, since in its current form it is unsustainable and will be bankrupt within 40 years.

    It is projected that Social Security's trust fund will be out of money by 2036, 25 years from now. So the program will be unable to meet the needs of US citizen that are currently aged 50 or younger. The Social Security program needs to be changed to reflect the rising costs of medical care and longer life spans of its recipients.

    Posted by: G4rwIsdead
  • It is doubtful that the social security program has ever met the needs of the citizens of the United States.

    It is not possible for someone who earned a lifetime of minimum wage, to survive on social security benefits alone. It is not possible for someone on disability to live on social security benefits alone. If you live and work for your entire life and social security does not provide enough money and benefits for you to retire without supplemental income and insurance (and a lot of it), how could it possibly meet needs? It does not, and it will only get worse.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Social security is not enough to live off of for the poorest seniors.

    Social security was supposed to be retirement protection for poor seniors. It provides something, but it also goes to all seniors, including those that have saved more than enough for retirement. For those that have already taken advantage of tax breaks for 401k and other government induced retirement benefits, they should receive fewer if any social security benefits, so it can go, as intended, to the poor who have nothing else.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • The U.S. government social security program no longer meets the needs of the citizens, because it is not enough for people to live on.

    I believe that the social security program is helpful for seniors, but I do not believe that it provides enough financial security. The cost of living continues to rise, making it difficult for the retired to get by day to day, without seeking other employment or programs to supplement their income.

    Posted by: InnocentMarcus63
  • The social security program needs to be updated to meet the needs of the current population.

    The United States social security program is very much outdated and does not currently meet the needs of American citizens. This program was developed in a different time when needs were much different. The program should be reviewed and changes should be made to bring the program up to date. This program is an example of an old fashioned idea being forced into the present and into an era of too much change.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • The social security program is failing to meet the needs of U.S. citizens, because it no longer provides enough income.

    The social security system in the United States no longer meets the needs of our citizens. The money is running out, and no longer provides enough income for seniors to get by on. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, just to make ends meet, or going hungry because they have to choose between food and the electric bill, is no way for our elderly citizens to have to live, when they have worked their whole lives to make our country a better place.

    Posted by: 5h4tAnkI
  • I believe the social security program no longer meets the needs of the citizens as the costs of living increase and citizens have lost some of their personal savings.

    After the recent crashes of the stock market and the loss of value in housing it has become increasingly difficult for citizens to make it financially. While the social security system helps with the cost of living it does not cover the loss of personal savings that has happened to the elderly in recent years.

    Posted by: 5h3Insanity

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