Does the U.S. need to do more about domestic violence?

  • Our society needs to take a different direction.

    We do a lot in domestic violence but a lot of treatment for offenders is based on the feminist theory of "male power" and female offenders don't have the same access to treatment and receive lighter sentences. The best studies show men and women equally initiate violence. In 50% of cases, violence is mutual. In the other 50% of cases, of those cases, 50% of the aggressors were men and 50% were women. Men don't have the same access to shelter.

  • Definitely

    There needs to be more awareness of the problem. For a long time, it was considered normal for domestic violence to happen and that is simply no longer acceptable. There needs to be awareness raised and there needs to be more ways for people to get out of the situation, including men who are on the receiving end. There needs to be shelters for male victims as well as shelters for women and children.

  • Yes, the U.S. needs to do more about domestic violence. This type of violence often has long-term consequences.

    Children who witness or are the victims of domestic violence usually suffer mental as well as physical scars. The U.S. is a country that advocates human rights worldwide, but we need to make sure we are supporting the rights of our own smallest citizens. Congress should approve funding for programs that insure better monitoring for the population of at-risk households.

  • Yes, Domestic Abuse is Still a Problem

    There are so many men and women living in the shadow of fear, anxiety and pain that domestic violence causes. It is a real problem in our society. The U.S. needs to come up with real solutions, because this behavior hurts individuals, children, and families. We need to educate our children so that they understand how harmful abuse is and we need to provide resources for victims of the violence.

  • Yes, but maybe not at the federal level

    Domestic violence negatively affects everyone, from families to children, to couples, to government in general. This violence perpetuates itself in society, which is a bad thing for all of us. I think that doing more about domestic violence will make a better world for everyone here in the U.S., and isn't that the point of a healthy society?

  • Why Does It Matter!?

    Why should we care about domestic violence when there are thousands of other things we could worry about. We get concerned about a problem like this that is so simple as a police report or a divorce, when we can be focused on things that we can change that is our fault like animal endangerment.

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