Does the U.S. need to establish better relations with the Muslim community?

  • Now more than ever

    Our relationship with the Muslim community has never been more important in the midst of the ISIS crisis. Mainstream Muslims are our greatest allies in combating Islamic militants. Unfortunately, Trump is destroying our relationship with Muslim nations due to his anti-Muslim rhetoric. His bombastic comments are giving ISIS exactly what they want.

  • Yes, the U.S. needs to establish better relations with the Muslim community.

    Yes, the U.S. needs to establish better relations with the Muslim community because there is so much negativity being spewed in this election. The U.S. should show Muslims that it appreciates everything they have done for the country. There are so many people of the Muslim faith that have reshaped our nation positively.

  • The U.S. needs to show compassion.

    The United States was built on Christian principles and needs to show that same compassion to the Muslim community. If we isolate them and mistreat them, then there will be even more terrorist attacks. The United States needs to show it loves its neighbors both at home and around the world.

  • Yes, because not all Muslims are terrorists

    Yes, the USA has to improve its attitude towards the Muslims. Most of the Muslims are common people who don't care about Jihad. If the overall American attitude changed, maybe there would be less terrorists. When a society, such as American, rejects people who are of different religion, it must lead to some kind of a revolt. It is my opinion that Jihadist movement started because people were rejecting Muslims from many institutions and social circles.

  • Yes, the US needs to establish better relations with the Muslim community.

    Yes, the US needs to establish better relations with the Muslim community. Part of the reason ISIS has been created is hatred for the West and the United States. If we become more cooperative with the Muslim community, there may be less people prone to be radicalized by hateful anti-US rhetoric.

  • We don't need to establish better relations, but we should probably stop bombing them and screwing with them over in the middle east.

    As for the ones that are here, they get treated like Americans and that's pretty damn good, relatively.

    The US needs to start looking at the real enemies that are within, the broken systems, the corporations, the corruption, the overreaching authority, the infringements, so many freaking laws that practically every American is a criminal, etc.

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