• Yes it does

    Because the point to vote is to chose who we want as a leader, who we think could better our country. We have been voting since this country was first born, now people want to stop voting and ruin something that's been going on for a long time, over two hundred years. The future of America is literally in our hands, we make the choice on how the next 4 years will be, maybe even eight years, this is why I say we vote.

  • Yes, because it causes presidential candidates to take a wider range of citizens into consideration.

    By using the electoral system each state gives all of its voting power to one candidate or the other. It creates an all or none voting contribution at the state level. The benefit of having each state representing only one presidential candidate is that it causes each presidential candidate to focus on every area of the country when establishing a campaign platform. In other words if a presidential candidate knew that he/she were winning the votes of a certain demographic that had enough voting citizens to get him/her elected, that presidential candidate could simply choose to ignore everyone else.

    The electoral vote helps all demographics within a state to have a voice because an election can not be won by a candidate who simply ignores some part of the country as if their opinion does not matter.

  • Of Course it Does!

    This questions is obviously posed to address the validity of the electoral college when thinking about the presidential election. The electoral college vote is dependent of the popular vote, so if there was no popular vote how then could it be defined which candidates win which state? And for that matter, every OTHER election at the state level is directly determined by the popular vote. So yes - the popular vote does matter.

  • Popular Vote Determines Electoral College on State Level

    Although the Electoral College should be reformed, popular votes for president do count at the state level. If one candidate gets a single vote more than another, that state's electoral votes go for the candidate. A more fair way to divide electoral votes would be on a percentage basis for each candidate instead of a winner-take-all system.

  • Yes it does

    Yes the US popular vote does matter in the end because when you vote for a person your individual vote may not matter but as a whole it does. There has been very rare cases where a president has won and did not have the popular vote and the margin in those numbers is very small. It happens in very rare case and it has not happened recently so US Popular vote does matter.

  • The Electorial College

    Illuminati, New World Order, Rothchild, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Council of Foreign Relations, Corporate America, United Nations, European Union, League of Nations, 9/11, Pensmore, Gothard Tunnel, FEMA camps, Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc.,Etc., Etc., Etc.,Etc., Etc., Etc.,Etc., Etc., Etc.,Etc., Etc., Etc.,Etc., Etc., Etc.,Etc., Etc., Etc.,Etc., Etc., Etc.,

  • No it doesn't really

    Americans have the chance to vote in the electoral representatives. These representatives vote for who they want to be president, nobody really knows the point of the presidential popular vote. The best example of this is when in 2000, 1/2 people voted for Bushe's opponent in the popular vote, so Bush lost the popular vote, but he still became president because he won the electoral vote.

  • It's only a popularity contest

    I think I'm a fairly average Joe. I don't know much about the smaller office candidates except for the governor. I mostly only get informed when the arguments for and against various measures are sent out. I read them and both sides always sound like they have the best argument. The TV ad's are crafted to fool people. In the end I talk with a few friends and vote on some of the issues. But the big hoop-la is for the president. That's the countries biggest soap opera. People get all stirred up about it and actually think their vote will count. It doesn't. I have lost incentive to vote. I think our elected congressmen should handle it and that's where the focus should be for our votes. Take the focus off the presidential candidates

  • Nope nope nope

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  • Hahahahaha. NO! X

    US Citizens don't have a say in sh!T. We no longer live in a democracy.
    We are controlled like a bunch of I d I o t s. W e a r e s h e e p.
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  • No it sosent

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  • All About Money

    Clearly predetermined by PAC, SuperPAC, and who the media favors with their clearly biased favoritism on who gets the most ratings. This is no longer a democratic process but rather where BIG money goes. Corporations and the previous controlling parties influence on current affairs. Lack of choice, lesser of two evils.

  • Super-delegates will decide

    If "super-delegates" can ignore the directives of their state's popular vote, the popular vote, by definition, becomes useless. Face facts: the U.S. is not a democracy - it's an oligarchy and has been for decades. The rule of the few rich over the many poor describes our political system precisely.

  • My vote doesn't count

    If popular vote really did matter in elections, then there wouldn't be a history where a person had lost the presidency due to the electoral vote, when they had in fact won the popular vote. I believe every vote matters and all elections should be decided by popular vote only.

  • Nope two words Electoral College

    Electoral college... In my state my 1 vote really counts for about .81 of a vote.. On top of that not all states have laws that require their electoral representatives to honor the popular vote! There is documented proof of these individuals voting for Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and even themselves on Election Day.

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