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  • I think the US is being pro-active

    I'm sure that our country could do more, but the powers that be should have enough evidence to act when they order drone strikes or take other military actions that end in loss of life. Ultimately, the goal is to hurt ISIS by removing its leaders and hurting its bottom line, but if we're also killing civilians, women and children, acts should be undertaken only after getting enough information to justify casualties.

  • The US needs to remove the support for ISIS

    In the War on Terror, you can't just win a typical military victory. If you bomb a wedding to kill two important ISIS leaders, you create more people who want to attack America. We need to undermine the support that ISIS gets from the public, which means less drone strikes, less indiscriminate killing, and more diplomacy.

  • No, the US does not need to do more to get rid of ISIS leaders.

    No, the US does not need to do more to get rid of ISIS leaders because it is not on the US to defeat ISIS. While the US can certainly contribute to the fight, it does not have to be only one. All countries should work together to defeat it.

  • No they do not

    There is not much we can do to get rid of ISIS, getting rid of the leaders probably won't help as they will be taken over my the underlings attempt to get revenge. The only way to get rid of ISIS is by killing every single Muslim, White Muslim and potential Muslim, which is completely out of the question.

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