• You learn from siblings

    I have two older sisters, and they have always been a role model for me. I have learned from there mistakes and seen what they have done well and it has made me a much better person. If there was this rule possible heroes wouldn't exist what if Leonardo di Vinci never existed or Gallelio it would make the world worse.

  • I say yes

    The world really needs a one child policy now because the world is overpopulated, and the environment is also crumbling terribly. The best way is to enforce a one child policy. Furthermore, the one child policy will benefit families by saving time, money, stress, and there will be no siblings rivalry.

  • Wouldn't say it NEEDS it

    Probably be better for it. I just don't think it's an option we can realistically apply to the current world. Still some space to expand yet, seek solutions. If I had children I would prefer to have more than one. Siblings were a supportive rather than negative influence in my family.

  • Are you insane?!

    If 2 people = 1 offspring the population will be cut in half just by 1 generation! With fewer people to feed that also means fewer people to work jobs! NONE of your current problems will change! The only thing 1 child laws are good for is evil dictators that want less competition in the future. I plan on having no less than 5 kids and if you care about America's next generation YOU WILL TOO!

  • I would say no.

    There is 2 people needed to make a child, If they only can make 1 child, it is 1/2. If there is 100 people on the Earth, the next generation it would be 50, then 25, then 12-13, and so on. Eventually there will be nothing left. It might save time, money, and stress, but it isn't worth eliminating the human race.

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