• The U.N is critical to world peace.

    Since the establishment of the U.N, there has yet to be a large-scale war between any Great Powers, not even between the U.S and the former Soviet Union. While proxy wars continue today, they are declining at a noticeable rate. The U.N has also allowed smaller and underdeveloped nations to receive aid, and have a say in the increasingly globalized society of our world.

  • The world does need the United Nations, now more than ever

    The preservation of peace requires transparent communication and an international forum such as the United Nations is the most effective means of ensuring this. The majority of arguments against the United Nations come not from the belief that the UN is unnecessary but rather that it undermines the position of individual nations by requiring their contribution to the common good, or that the United Nations is inherently hamstrung by its structure. The former point is pure self-interest that has held the human race back for centuries, and the latter, whilst more understandable, smacks of throwing the baby out with the bathwater- reform is undoubtedly needed to make the United Nations more effective and less beholden to the objections of individual nations, but an abandonment of the United Nations means that international issues become even harder to resolve because there is no clear international forum for acceptable resolution.

  • The world doesn't need the United Nations.

    The United Nations can't do anything without the support of one of the member nations. Although a lot of people go to the general assembly and talk about important issues, they almost never make any real progress. President Wilson intended for the UN to prevent future wars after World War I. The UN has hardly been successful.

  • No, It Doesn't

    The world needs the United Nations like I need a lump of coal in my stocking for Christmas. The United Nations effectively is a body that puts economic pressure on large, developed nations, from lesser-developed nations. Instead of focusing on improving one's own lot, many small nations use the UN as a forum for handouts from the developed world.

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