• The world needs computers.

    Computers have opened a huge amount of knowledge to its users. They are used in schools to increase knowledge and understanding. They are used at home to increase knowledge and understanding. There will never be a time when we will revert to a life without computers. We use computers to accomplish tasks that previously had only been done with paper and pen. We are fortunate to have computers because they have simplified our lives.

  • W Live in a Computer Age

    While humanity could probably survive in some form without computers, the technology has become central to the way the modern world functions. The Internet drives commerce, taxes are filed with software and the bits of computer technology dot our phones and cars. If this technology were to go away, these parts of society would have to be rebuilt.

  • the world today

    I personally agree,Computers have great importance in the world today. They enable people to save data in a soft form thus reducing the bulkiness associated with filing systems. They also enable one to multitask, that is, carrying out a number of operations simultaneously. This thus saves ion time. The computer has become a media of communication. Through internet, people from different worlds are able to interact with ease via the computer. These are a few of the many roles a computer plays in our ever day life.

  • No: The World Does Not Need Computers

    It's true that the economic systems we depend upon require computers, and we currently depend upon this economic system. However, the system is fatally unstable, and so under a massive break down, it will be possible to discover the fact that the world does not need computers. Certainly there will be a large loss of life under such circumstances, as we are adapted as a species to a system geared to self destruct, but in the end computers are primarily needed for a society that needs computers. The circular logic should be obvious.

  • People Lived Way Before Computers

    The first two to three thousand years humans lived with out computers. It is very possible to live with out computers, but it will never happen unless the sun decides to wipe them all out. We are so dependent on computers that if that were to happen, it would cause global chaos.

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