• Yes, it does.

    Free trade seems like a good thing to most people. But free trade also means than American countries can outsource the work in an effort to skirt taxes and keep labor costs low. This explots both the worker who makes the product and the American people this lowering quality of life in the name of profit.

  • It's a threat, but we're already under fire

    TISA is simply the "powers that be" continuing their long march to total global domination. Every time one of these giant trade agreements gets passed, we lose a little bit of our autonomy as Americans. The sad thing is that we are so used to these types of attacks that we don't even react to yet another round of "deals" we have no say in.

  • No, TISA does not pose a threat to democracy.

    The proposed TISA trade pact between the United States and European countries does not pose a serious threat to democracy. Each country in the trade pact will still have sovereignty over its own people and borders. Furthermore, the free trade agreement will actually strengthen democracy, because trade among nations creates more wealth; richer societies are more stable.

  • No, elected officials have a responsibility to negotiate trade treaties

    The proposed TISA treaty does not pose a threat to democracy. Democratically elected officials in the signatory countries are vested with both the power and the responsibility to negotiate international trade agreements that they believe will further their countries' interests. Entering into specific cooperative agreements with other nations does not abrogate citizens' rights at home.

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