Does Trump have the ability to steal liberal voters from Hillary Clinton?

  • I think he does.

    It's too bad that seems to be the objective. We have a Marxist Democrat running against an unprincipled RINO. For those who favor freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility, hallmarks of America, this presidential cycle is a complete loss. What a shame the Republican nominee is more interested in stealing liberal votes than garnering American votes.

  • Don't have to.

    For the most part, the Hillary campaign and it's practices have caused many liberals to abandon ship. Many like myself just don't want 4 or more years of the same Obama type administration.
    Sure, Trumps campaign may draw some away but I think most of those that turn to him are doing so because of Hillary's actions and campaign are pushing them away.

  • Some Democrats may vote Trump!

    For voters who are already slightly disgruntled with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump may be an option they will consider. Although he is now putting forth conservative views, it was not always that way. Democrats may see Trump as someone who may be able to be lobbied to their views - he has already mentioned raising wages, one of their pet issues. If there are Democrats wanting to vote for an outsider (like Sanders) instead of an insider (like Clinton) Donald Trump may be an option for them.

  • Trump has many unexplainable abilities

    Yes, Trump probably has the ability to steal some liberal voters from Hillary Clinton. In this unpredictable election year, many unexpected things have happened. Among them is the inexplicable number of people who have supported Trump despite his many reprehensible words and actions. It seems some people are determined to support him no matter what.

  • No, Trump can't steal liberal progressive voters from Clinton.

    No, Trump does not have the ability to woo liberals because he has nothing to offer them. He may try to dangle some carrots to steal them away, but in the end these voters will see right through him. The thought of having Trump control everything in America for four to eight years is enough for every liberal to vote for Clinton.

  • No, not in high numbers.

    Very few people who identify as liberals will vote for Donald Trump. Even some conservatives won't vote for Trump. However, Trump may benefit from some Bernie Sanders supporters refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton, even if they vote for a third-party candidate or don't vote at all. If there were a more reasonable Republican candidate than Trump, it's possible that more liberals would vote Republican.

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