Does Trump hurt himself every time he talks, as President Obama claims?

  • Donald Trump hurts his own chances

    Donald Trump hurts his chances for the presidency every time he talks. He cannot help saying controversial things, even when he discusses serious topics such as his economic and foreign policies. It seems to come from his lack of knowledge and willingness to learn the key issues. Therefore, he often misstates facts and turns to insults.

  • Yes, he has a venomous tongue.

    President Obama was right to say that the Republican presidential candidate hurts himself every time he speaks. All his public addresses are marred with controversies which attract criticism in the aftermath. I think he should tame his tongue which is his greatest undoing. Let him stick to the script and avoid emotionally charged talks.

  • His Word Choice can be Considered Detrimental

    Trump can sometimes express his opinions and potential policies in such a way that they can be considered caustic to his approval rating as well as his effectiveness in telling the people what he actually plans to do. On the contrary, though, there is a decent amount of arguments that Trump has made, during debate or speech, that I feel were carried out with astounding efficiency. Trump is certainly straightforward and while that is a good quality to have, society can tend to see things in the wrong light; making some of his arguments seem very crude or offensive to certain groups that he was not trying to directly offend in any way.

  • Not every time

    Trump doesn't hurt himself every time he talks. Sure, he has sad some ridiculous things, but he also is saying many, many things that people agree with. That's one of the reasons he won the nomination by such a landslide. If he can act more professional and less like a loose cannon, he's got this election.

  • Many agree with Trump

    Despite the fact that Trump can be extremely offensive, he still has supporters. While what he says hurts himself, he also gains the support of some Americans who appreciate his outside-of-the-box political opinions and bluntness. He attracts a lot of attention by being himself and speaking in such a way. All press is good press right? It must be true to some extent due tho the current number of Americans who are considering voting for Trump.

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